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Full Licence, Upgrade Time!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Ljiljan, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. I became the proud owner of an 1989 Honda Spada. This thing rocks. I honestly don't understand how people can say they get bored of 250's. My first mod will be to remove the peg feelers, this bike feels 100 mill shorter than my old hyo, realistically is probably 50 mill shorter and hence the pegs are about 50 mill closer to the ground as well, since they both have a similar seating position. Gave me a hell of a fright.

    Pics to come.
  2. got her on the road yet?

    cant wait for pics ^^

    i get my bike back next week, fingers crossed, still in the mechanics, apparently one of the bleeder valves were blocked, had to get a new one from USA, so yea, still sitting in the shop

    cant wait to go riding with u again, been like a year and a half, almost 2 years............
  3. yeh its been a while. Let me know when you get it back we'll hit up something. been on road, hit up the natio again. good fun. People whinge that 250's dont have enough power or straight line speed, but if your buying a bike for straight line speed then I pity you.
  4. Fair enough then. Wouldnt you prefer some more modern brakes and suspension though?

    If you dont understand why people upgrade from cheap and/or old 250's, that would be the first aspect for me.
  5. I did. So I ditched the Hyo and bought a spada :)

    Really there were a few reasons for it, one was funds available, the second was I wanted a fairly simple bike to work on and learn my way around an engine. Hopefully in the time I own it I will learn to do most maintenance on it. In the meantime I will see how much of the pegs I can turn to dust.
  6. good work! im pondering buying an older 600 (92) currently.... and i cant decide :p
  7. reasons why people get bigger bikes is the type of ks they do, alot more country/freeway riding then in the city, you get a larger engine for torque and less vibration when sitting on 110. it also makes it safer, you do not know when you need the extra power to get you out of trouble, there are lots of downsides to a larger bike, cost, both initally and maintainence of the larger bike, like new tyres ever 8000 ks, more wear on chain and sprokets, cost of servicing is more, as well as weight and maneuverability, its a bit of a hog to split with, but still ok, cornering is tougher too, getting her on a full lean angle is harder, seems too heavy, havent found a long sweeper to take her all the way down, the slower corners of the nasho and the pass doesnt inspire confidence, the bikes so damn heavy and is a bull to bring back upright

    bike looks like a great buy, and in really good nick, cant wait to play catch through the nasho with you, nice pics, and keep them coming,

    really scenic bald hill <3
  8. Good stuff Lilley (y)

    Looks great!
  9. haha, I know why people buy bigger bikes mate. I can see the attraction myself, once the funds make themselves available I would love to get myself a big v-twin, probably italian, but until then this will do. The other idea I had was a aprilia rs250, which may become more of a solid plan next year. who knows...
  10. She's lookin good mate - will see it in the morning, as long as this rain doesn't get any worse...

    Sounds like you're enjoying it!

    Does that CCT noise go away once it warms up properly?
  11. yep. in fact it doesnt really make it when its cold either. unless i've grown accustomed to it. I'll specifically listen for it in the morning.

    One thing I have noticed is the bike is quite a bit louder than I expected, there may be an exhaust leak which could accentuate the noise.
  12. 99% of the time on the roads a small capacity motorcycle is all you need.

    but theres always that 1% when you need to get out of trouble through roll on acceleration that a car can't match.
    ever tried to overtake a slow moving vehicle going up a hill on a 2fiddy... and then that asshole decides to speed up and not let you back in.
    or merging lanes and some asshole tries to get ahead of you, forcing you on to the wrong side of the road... with the bigger bike you know you can make it, without having time to look.

    it's a shame, because i love the smaller capacity bikes for all their benefits... but too many assholes on the road.
    but until governments and authorities shift their focus back on to dangerous drivers being assholes, putting other lives at risk... then i'm stuck with the bigger bike unfortunately...
    and 99% of the time i don't ride it any faster than i would a 2fiddy.
    it would cost me half as much, maybe a quarter as much to run a 2fiddy and my carbon footprint would be tiny...
    but that's the price you pay for assholes, who don't want to share the roads.
    and cameras don't police assholes.
  13. Was the increase in CTP prices on your mind when you chose to get another 250cc bike? A handful of my mates who have stuck to 250s while on their full licenses have opted to sell them to get something slightly larger now that the CTP on the bigger bikes have dropped in line with the 250s.

    (Not trying to turn this into a huge "CTP Ripoff!" debate/discussion)
  14. CTP renewal was in april so it hasn't affected me.
  15. Got a grinder here if you want to get rid of those scrapers.
  16. nah, I'll earn it myself. I can just unscrew them anyway I think. They look like it.