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Full licence today!! WOOT!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. #1 edgelett, Feb 21, 2007
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    Well I'm about as excited as I can possibly be.
    in an hour, I to go motor reg to get my full licence.
    12 months ago I passed my advanced test and settled in for a year of riding my Cb250. And I can say it was the absolute best bike - never ever let me down. Even rode from Adelaide to Naracoorte on it. Almost cried when i had to sell it!

    But as you all know, I also bought a 1998 Honda Hornet six months ago. now you're all saying "why the hell did you do that when you can't ride it?"

    well, basicly I was researching how much one would cost me (was looking at between $6000 and $7500 depending on year & KM's) when my dad rang me to say "hey there's one of those Hornet things in the paper for only $4900" :shock:

    so I went to see it - it was absolutely SPOTLESS!!!! my BF test rode it, it ran perfectly, so I couldn't pass it up. in my mind I was already thinking of what to do..."this is really cheap, maybe with the cash I'll save I can re-paint it or something?" being the charming person I am, I talked the guy down to $4500 and got him to throw in a ventura rack & bag, plus a pair of riding boots that are my dad's size!

    And so the same day I got my licence, i got this:

    However I'm a girl & I like red bikes. So I was going to re-paint it. Then I thought of maybe getting a stainless steel radiator grill. Then I found out about www.hondahornet.co.uk - the Hornet's Nest - and saw all the mods I could do - i was in heaven!

    I spent the next 12 months modding my bike into the dream bike I had in my head. Yesterday the last mod went on - good timing eh? so my baby now looks like this:

    those really interested can read the whole mod process here:

    but to save time I put together a video of how the bike has changed here [media=youtube]GomSsE09iv0[/media]

    I need to say thanks to my boyfriend Tony for being the sweetest & most patient man in the world. he's helped me endlessly in making my dream come true

    I also have to thank my dad for his advice & endless help with all the fun bits - like the exhaust & that undertray

    Thanks to everyone on netrider for supporting me & giving advice also.

    and thanks to my workmates for putting up with me talking about my bike non stop! lol.

    well, I'm off now to go for a ride! I won't be back on today, but will take pics & post them later.

    take care all!
  2. congats edgelette,

    yeah at least you already have the upgrade, i got my fulls on the 9th of feb and still riding my lams approved bike dont know how i am oing to find time to sell it so many nice rides coming up

    enjoy the hornet
  3. Hey edglett,

    Have an awesome ride today. You've earned it. :applause: Although Try not to spend too much time looking at yourself in the shop windows. :p
  4. She's not going to be able to help herself :LOL: . Impressive stuff, Edge. I don't know what, if any, effect any of that has on the bike, but it sure looks hot as hell. Well done! :applause:
  5. grats :grin:
    have fun on your Hornet, looks like a really nice specimen
  6. Where did you get the mirrors from?
  7. Thats' GOLD!!!! (insert blowing load emoticon)

    One of the most tasteful upgrades I've seen on a bike!
  8. Tash,
    That is awesome!!..., take care out there. All the best with it.
  9. hot bike.... nice custom job all round!!! +10
  10. <Barry>Anticipation makes a good thing last...</Barry>

    Have a ball, take care out there. :)
  11. Congrats Edgy!

    Where are the pics of you on the bike, huh???

    If you're half as hot as the Hornet is, they'll definitely be worth a look! :grin:
  12. edgelette, tash and now HNYDVL :demon: :demon:

    WELL DONE I love the bike you should be bloody proud of the outcome. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  13. Yeah!!! Love the plates Tash.

    Good luck on the new beastie... :cool:
  14. Congrats - Now you get to enjoy the benefit of your efforts
  15. Congratulations, and that bike looks :cool:
  16. Noice, very noice :grin: Have an awesome time, congratulations \:D/
  17. Damn! And here was me buying a bike to get away from modifying my car. I should have shielded my eyes. Bike looks hot.
  18. Congrats! Im sure you'll enjoy the bike even more so now that the project is finished and you can ride it!

    Cant wait to see it in the flesh at the GP!
  19. congratulations tash!

    looking fwd to riding with u tonight!

    and seeing this DVL in the flesh!
  20. Very niiiiiiiiiice mods!!

    Enjoy riding your bike Tash!!!

    I'm sure you and it will make very gorjus music together. :cool: