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Full IOM TT lap

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Shifty, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. That video was sweet :cool:

    Those guys have some giant hangers to do that :shock: :grin:

  2. truly an amazing skill to have reaction times like that. their brains must be so well tuned to extremely high speed decisions.
  3. Absolutely amazing :shock:

    Makes your average circuit with +/- 12 turns look very easy! I thought the Nurburgring was hard!
  4. How can I download this?
  5. Incredible. Those riders have balls of steel. I love the commentary, so wonderfully understated :LOL:
  6. That is just sheer babbling mad insanity! Holy crap! :shock:
  7. IOM must be the most 'real' race around. Anybody have a link to class records? Would love to see how the different production bikes have fared :grin:
  8. Hmmm, found out that the rider of the bike in the video, who is the guy doing the voice-over, died at the Isle of Man in 2003 during practice.

    It's a very real race.
  9. Holly F@#k Balls batman....

    I used to own ManxTT superbike on my Sega Saturn many moons ago, I don't remember it taking 18 minutes to do a lap :grin:

    Me thinks they need to go harder :eek: :shock: :grin: :wink:
  10. Yeah FLUX, RIP big fella; at least he died doing what he loved. At some point, I want to take an RVF around the IOM (probably a little slower than race week though :LOL:), one of those 'must do' things...