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Full Gear vs Fool's Gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. An old one .... anyone know the source? Looks yankee to me.


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  2. I remember seeing something like this in my dads bike mags but that was back in the eighties, but I don't think anyone would have been wearing flip flops in London and Liverpool lol. Does make me feel old too.
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  3. Wow flashback to the 80's, I can hear staying alive in the background.
  4. Nah mate, that's 70's. I'm thinkin more like Europes 'the final countdown'!!!
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  5. Lads trying being in the uk when they thought kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan were the best thing ever. Did my fuggin nut in even as a kid.

    Sorry for the slight thread jack.
  6. Good gear is very affordable these days.
    Most people could get kitted out for 10% of the purchase price of their new bike.
    That outlay is even less if it outlasts a couple of bikes.
  7. [​IMG]
    another one from NZ,
    "This Ministry of Transport poster from 1983 shows the correct protective clothing to be worn on motorcycles as opposed to what should not be worn."

    US Motorcycle Safety Foundation is claiming the original.. and have vid
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  8. My bike has outlasted 2 jackets, 4 helmets, untold summer gloves, 2 pairs winter gloves, 3 pairs of boots, 3 pairs of draggin Jeans and because I've now shrunk, one pair of leather pants.

    Good gear is affordable - but some people, like myself, don't always see the need to wear all the gear EVERY TIME we ride the bike.
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  9. Good riding gear is cheap compared to replacing skin
    Full leather all the time summer or winter
  10. I'm not a registered nurse these days but i still remember the old adage... 'Broken bones heal, skin takes for ever to grow back'.. Having assisted in scraping/digging out denim/bitumen from soft tissue I'm a dedicated ATTGATT devotee for any outing over 49 kph
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  11. Why such an arbitrary speed Amazone?

    Oh and let me assure you that old adage is quite wrong. You've obviously never had and serious breaks or dislocations.

    Lets take my wife's 100kmh crash in December 2011. She was wearing the best gloves ($150), helmet ($700), and summer textile (with armour) jacket ($250) we could afford. She was wearing jeans and hiking boots.

    The bike flipped at least once, the handlebar snapped off, the instrument cluster disintegrated (we couldn't find the speedo), the rear sub frame was snapped and, as you'd imagine, lots of cosmetic damage. Needless to say it was a write-off.

    Damage to my wife. Broken left scaphoid - still causes pain and occasionally locks up. Stener Lesion to her right thumb. She still hasn't got full movement and is constantly in pain, particularly in cold weather. There was a partial dislocation of her right knee cap (popped back by itself when the ambos were moving her on to the stretcher), and a torn quad muscle. Both these still cause her pain and stiffness.

    She lost some skin on the top of her right leg. 3 months after the accident it was healed over and now is a faint scar.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again (with a slight clarification for pedants).

    If you are not a learner or provisional rider and cannot ride on quiet suburban streets without falling off I'd suggest you need to get more training or hand your licence in.

    Having ridden from Geelong to Wagga in 38c temps wearing full leather, you can keep that. Heat stress/stroke means you lose concentration and really risk falling off. On top of that it can kill you.
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  12. Strongly agree with b12mick, if its above 35 degrees I won't wear leather, even going to replace my almost worn out heavy Kevlar jeans with a lighter variety this summer.
  13. Riding a motorcycle safely has much to do with recognising and managing risk.

    On a hot day on straight(ish) roads the biggest risks are heat, dehydration and fatigue.
  14. rode today over 30 degrees, full leathers. some zips slightly undone.
    Yes It was hot but sweat is cheap blood is not.
    worried about heat stress take a water bottle.
    Not telling you guys what to wear, Just telling what i wear
    You can wear shorts & T shirt if you want . Your decision.
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  15. I've ridden in full leather during those 42+ days we had in Melbourne last year. Open road stuff only though, but no problems.

    As discussed before, a wet shirt does wonders, and is actually more effective at cooling in extreme conditions compared to shorts and tank top.
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  16. I had a bit of a chuckle today. Rider passed me with he and the girl on pillion both in shorts and T-shirts looking very "cool". Sadly when he got to a red light I realised the rider was also barefoot and was having a problem putting a foot down on the hot bitumen :) It was a great dance he did !

    Sydney Morning Herald "Good Weekend" had a cover pic this week of two carefree holiday makers on a scooter in thongs (on their feet) and no helmets, so it must be OK.
  17. Very much agree with this, was affected by heat a few years ago riding in central Vic was lucky I pulled over and sat under a tree and had a drink. Was definitely not thinking straight.
    Was told later by a doctor who also rides that evaporation from the wind passing over you causes dehydration to happen much faster and more rapid onset of symptoms.
    Just my experience.