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Full face in the heat or not?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matti-san, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all would be interested in any feedback from people who wear them if an open face is cooler than a full face helmet in the current record temps around here.

    I rode home yesterday and even after stopping and drenching myself a couple of times suffered pretty bad from the heat and my head was freakin hot :shock:
  2. For me it's not really temperature dependent but you will be slightly cooler whilst stopped or going through slow traffic.

    Like the Squid arguement, am sure many will say they never wear anything other than a full face and that's cool (or maybe not when the temp's 35+ :p )

    I'll sometimes wear an open face if just riding around town (used to be my only helmet when on a cruiser :wink: ) but wear a Nolan flip up when heading out for a day of riding regardless of temp.
  3. OPen face helmet + high temps = windburn surely? Dehydration? I'd be sticking to the full face helmet and drinking heaps + stopping heaps to wet myself and cool down.

    Depends what speed you're doing too I guess?
  4. Personally, I wear full face and wouldn't consider open face. That's pretty much coz I'm sure I would have lost my jaw in my truck incident, and it's not too hot for me. However, along the same lines, although I also feel much safer in my leathers, if it's too hot I wear my less protective summer gear. It still has abrasion resistance and armour, but not as protective. Basically, if I'm not going to be able to consentrate wearing maximum protection, I'll just wear as much as I can. So if you're going to have an accident from passing out with a hot head, then wear the open face (if it is actually cooler). Alertness is a big part of your safety.
  5. Definitely better to have a full face - the hot wind blast is far worse with an open face, but having a little gap open on the visor will help. (and obviously pop the visor up at the lights).
    Below 35 degrees it might be a different story...
    Another good idea is to have a lightweight balaclava that you soak with water and put on under the helmet. Until it dries out, it keeps things really cool on the move.
  6. Thanks Titus, that's the kind of info I want

    I understand that a full helmet is "safer".
  7. I wear a full face - but the visor spends more time open than shut. Of course I wear tinted safety glasses under the helmet so my eyes are still safe :).
  8. Why bother stopping to wet yourself? Just relax and let it go... ;)
  9. I value my face, such as it is, and am oogly enough already without massive facial scarring, so it's full face all the time for me. Good advice on the hydration and stops and so on.
  10. i wear my full face in the heat, all vents open & my hydropak filled up.
    spend a lot of time drinking cold water.
  11. :oops: :LOL:
  12. I found the other day riding around at about 37C (in canberra) that it was cooler with my visor down!

    I can't handle open face helmets either, i also appreciate my face!
  13. I just got my full license so am shopping for a spare helmet for pillions.

    I am actually considering getting a motocross/motard helmet and using goggles.

    I've never used one of these helmets but assume that motocross/motards guys use em cause of the extra ventilation? Its still got a chin guard so i can't see how they offer less protection than a full face helmet.

    Anyone used these helmets? What do you guys think about using them for the road? In terms of ventilation/cooling?
  14. Because the chin guard on a dirt bike helmet isn't designed for hitting tarmac at 100kph - it's only there to stop rocks/dirt/branches etc.
  15. Don't want to be a pedant, but that stuff is going to come out of your body at 37 degrees, hardly a cooling effect... Much better in the middle of winter... :wink:
  16. Windburn and Sunburn are easily obtained with an open-face helmet, a light bandana soaked in water over the face is the solution, the air hits the wet bandana and has an evaporative effect which cools the skin.
  17. Grr - if I'd been at home with some image editing software and access to server space, you'd be seeing a photo of a person in an open-face helmet with a wet banana across their face right now.

    {yes, I often stretch a loong way for a joke - arguably too far}
  18. Full face FTW!

    Hot wind burn is nasty.
    I normally ride with visor up 1-2 notches and open it at lights.
  19. only tossbags wear full face helmets :cool:
  20. I wear both depending on conditions.