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Full Exahust System. I'm confusion!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by aldrich_87, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. The exhaust system on my bike has rusted over... looking to replace the whole thing, looks easy enough.. just a few bolts here and there. I think it'll make a big difference come resale.

    Thing is, I can't seem to find any for my bike.. tried ebay, google etc.

    Know any good websites for exhausts or know anyone selling theirs?

    I have a zxr250a (twin headlights)

  2. Haha is that you Aldrich? It's Mick mate! RS125 Didn't know you participated in these forums..

    To answer your question thought, try Tyga Performance?

    Not sure if your ZX2 is listed though.

    P.S You missed out on the ride to Lithgow! Was a blast and i'm still alive..
  3. Hi mate, you should buy some steel wool, polish & wire brush & clean them up your self.

    If you haven't looked into it, you could be very surprised at the cost of a new system.
  4. try www.findapart.com.au it sends an email off to a whole bunch of wreckers and they reply if they have the part you want (y)
  5. Yeah, wreckers might be best bet. A model as old as yours probably isn't having much stuff made for it any more.

    I polished up an old Akra system a while back... where is it...

    Fitting is pretty easy, just have to find a new set of gaskets to slot in as well - see above thread for reasons! Be ready for some stubborn bolts if it's the original system too!
  6. Yeah I know... next time you gotta give me more notice.. come ride this thursday
  7. Weather is pretty sketchy atm. Dunno if it's gonna rain but will buzz you if I'm up.

    Re the exhaust, best to try wreckers as per above posts. Full system would cost over a grand I reckon. Good luck with it..