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Full day Licence course and Test - HART

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by JakeG, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to share a recent experience I ha at Hart in Somerton Vic.

    I booked in to do my licence test to get off my L plates and decided to do the full day course with the test at the end. My observations are as follows:

    - Slow riding techniques lesson. I found this really handy and felt the benefits of the newly learnt skills on the way home. Sure it's probably common knowledge to an experienced rider but for someone who has only been riding a couple of months it was great to get the directions on when/how to use the rear brake to control the bike when going slow.
    - Emergency steering. Again probably a skill which is second nature to some, but I found the directions really good and could relate it to my own bike and feel a bit more confident to practice those skills further. My bike is a cruiser that's really low so I did have concerns that emergency steering was near impossible on my bike.
    - Learning how to properly corner. They picked up some basic errors in how I cornered which were really affecting how I would come in and out of a corner. Learning the principals gave me the tools I needed to practice things like picking my line into a corner, dropping my shoulder a looking much further into the corner. I already feel a bit better about coming into corners and don't sc**** my pegs as much when turning semi hard.

    - Corner Braking. I felt this was a little rushed through and it sort of felt like filler. Could either be expanded into more detail or discarded.

    I would recommend doing the day course to anyone doing their licence test if you have any areas of your riding you have concerns about.

    Hopefully this helps any learners who are looking to go for their licence soon.


  2. Yep I can recommend Hart to.

    Did my learners when they were at Tullamarine, did the learners to licence at Kilsyth- really good cos they go out on the road with you, and finally did my licence at Somerton. Never had a bad instructor, all their advice was good.