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NSW Full Comp for My Street Triple R 2014

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by keenas, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Hi guys just wondering who you recommend I go with for insurance.

    Just got a platinum quote from QBE for $805.

    What do you recommend?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Qbe was cheapest for me
  3. Don't think I will beat $805
  4. Take it and run, my quote are ridiculous.
  5. I have been with QBE for a few years now. Was with Swann but they screwed me around too much when I made a claim. QBE on the other hand settled very quickly when my wife wrote her bike off.

    My advice, ring around and get quotes. Sure use the interwebs to get comparisons, but often you can get a cheaper quote by actually talking to a human being.
  6. Thanks guys what about insurance for track days??

    Don't think QBE covers this
  7. Wow, I got mine for $385 fully comp in VIC from RACV. I did get some ridiculous quotes from other companies. One even came out at $2500. I think RACV have just got into the game and offering reasonable prices.
  8. I think you'll find that no insurance company will cover you for track days. Some (I know QBE does) will cover you for recognised training courses.
  9. Hey guys, what about Wallance Risk Solutions they are affiliated with this website.... has anyone used their services?
  10. Surprisingly for me NRMA were the cheapest by far. A bit under $800 IIRC.

    Luke 4224 - that is fckin cheap!
  11. Wallace = $661 (also has insurance for track days)

    NRMA = $690

    All Paid tomorrow is the day to pick up my baby ....

    Oh yeah ...

    Then on Monday I ride from Sydney To Batemans Bay....

    Will be running her in on the freeway!!
  12. What are you picking up mate?
  13. Street Triple R 2014 .... can't wait !
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  14. What a bike already done 250km in a few days.... tomorrow will do a big run Sydney to Batemans Bay oh yeah!!
  15. its probably too late now, but the freeway is the last place i would be running in a new bike.
  16. Never too late, I will be pulling off and riding on other roads as well, not all the same revs, have run in loads of bikes.

    Any other tips??

    Have only been revving it up to 6500 rpm max