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Full body massage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NightStar, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. So we're in Surfers holidaying, lounging around the pool & beach. We decided after 4 days of riding to Surfers, we'd pamper ourselves with a massage. Amazing, recommend it to anyone after a long ride. Had sore spots l didnt know about. Anyway, the question arose: does it matter whether you are massaged by a man or a women? After all, it is remedial...

  2. i should take a pic of my massage chair , it`s like living with a masseuse. but no worries about gender . i call her Charmaine after one particularly special night :D
  3. Only the last 5 minutes.
  4. Speaking As a qualified massage therapist it makes no difference. Yo do find some people do prefer one gender over another but as a professional you are obligated to act professionally and within guidelines and client comfort levels.
    Men give a firmer massage in general, great for remedial work.
  5. Giving/receiving a massage is different sexual contact.

    I prefer a male, a big one who can get right in there and make me suffer for my greater good.
  6. I prefer a male massage therapist as well. Females tend to not be as strong.
  7. absolutely agree with the therapists point of view, and all fine for injuries, sport etc, but no doubt for a relaxation massage, people lve spoken to, have a preference. My friend who's a guy, has relaxation massages but only by women, because he doesnt feel comfortable with a guys massaging him...
  8. I've enjoyed remedial massages from men and women but the blokes tend to have stronger hands and reeeaaalllly find those sore points. Sometimes it's almost too much. I actually smacked my chiro/massuese last week when he pressed so hard it tipped over from aaaagh to f8ck off.
  9. Now that's sig-worthy :twisted:
  10. Thats just sick , how do get on with the
    Happy ending , keep your eyes closed ?
  11. I can't feel massages properly either way, I think the nerves in my back are messed up. I have one part of my back that is super sensitive and the rest is fairly... not numb but all i can feel is pressure, not the actual touch
  12. Day spa's do awesome massages. Went to one a few weeks back for a combination of a hot stone massage and a deep muscle somethingorother for my back.
    Ended up with a cute chinese girl straddling my legs because she was too short to reach (fortunately mrs messy wasnt there :p though i did tell her and got the frown) and beating the shit out of my back. Felt like magic afterwards though! Will take my own oil mix that i used to use when playing rugby union for sore muscles though - the one they used smelt like month old deep fryer oil.
    No happy ending though; for you people who confuse professional massage with some thai lady boy escort service.
  13. You have to ask n pay extra..
  14. i think this shiela is ****ing with my head
  15. only pro massage i've had was by a female so can't really comment on preference, but 've heard many people both guys and girls say they prefer a guy for strength reasons
  16. Only had two massages and they were by a lady, and she managed to find some really sore spots (i want to say knots) in my lower back, and neck.. and she put lots of pressure.. it worked... but now its sore again probably need to go back.

    so i can't really comment on male/female, nor a "full body massage" as i just got my neck/shoulders/back/lower back done.

    i've heard of the hot stones and suction cups and acupuncture etc.. willing to give it a try.
  17. Yeah mikey the hot stones do a number for relaxing the muscles before they dig their fingers in haha.
    Had acupuncture in the early days of my back injury, both to help block the pain and heal the nerves around it. Cant say i thoroughly enjoyed the experience but it DID help me.
    Havent done the suction cup thing, but same principle as a hickey it would bring blood up to the skin i suppose.
  18. For remedial I prefer male as many have said as they tend to be stronger and find the sore spots. For relaxation I prefer female because of the same reason, they are more gentler and suited to that type.
  19. Back in racing days, deep tissue massage was the rage,male/female it bloody well hurt!
  20. Two best massages I've had were by females.

    One after a full 90 minute soccer game, could barely walk the next day, so went into get one. Was surprised she could get it right. Even knew which way to twist my limbs to isolate to some of the muscles right.

    The other was from a 100kg dominatrix. She loved it because she loved the cracking noises my muscles made. "Does it hurt so good?"