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Full Body Cocoon Airbag

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Feb 5, 2016.


Would you use an airbag system like this?

Poll closed Feb 12, 2016.
  1. Yes

    2 vote(s)
  2. No

    3 vote(s)

  1. A revolutionary motorcycle safety system which deploys an airbag that surrounds the rider. It uses technology that is able to sense when the motorcycle is in a crash, and knows not to deploy if the motorcycle is not in any serious danger.
    The airbag does not have to be taken with the passenger. It is built directly into the motorcycle seat (which can be easily exchanged and replaced) and the passenger merely has to buckle himself in, like on a car.
    In case of an accident, the seat ejects with the rider and the airbag quickly forms a cocoon around him to protect him from impact.
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  2. ok so you go bouncing along like a giant marshmallow, how long does this protective cocoon last
  3. Hmm. If this works, I see it becoming a mandated part of bike manufacture. It would be the equivalent of seat belts.
    The obvious failing right now is that it would tie the rider to the bike, preventing the changing of body position and (in some circumstances), the opportunity to separate from the bike. I'll wait and see but not going to dismiss it out of hand yet.
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  4. [​IMG]

    fcuk that. I've been thrown up out of my seat by bumps and potholes before, and recovered. This thing would have sent me flying into trees and down steep rocky embankments.
  5. Wasn't there a thread about this a couple weeks ago?

    I don't like the fact that if it goes off unintentionally you lose all control of the bike, can't see etc.....

    I'm also assuming there'd be a need for different size bags for different size people?

    Honestly doesn't seem like a well thought out idea to me,, but kudos for trying to make things safer.
  6. Obviously, forearms, wrists, and hands aren't important.
  7. Makes me think of a piece of popcorn popping.
  8. The thread the other week was about a different airbag device from Alpine Stars if I recall correctly.

    This differes greatly. Alpine Stars are aware of the potential for false positives / unnecessary inflations - and tested it on riders whilst riding.

    This device (whilst I don't mind the idea in some ways) - first needs to get past the faulty inflation issue first. If it inflated falsely causing me to crash it has the potential to do serious unnecessary damage to the rider, and the bike.

    I'm with titustitus. I don't mind them working on such technologies - and look forward to seeing what they come up with - but I'll hold my judgement until I see a real prototype in action that addresses potential side effects.
  9. Looks a bit like my daughters Huggies...
  10. Airbags, does it work?
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  11. I was wrong - sorry about that. Please just don't tell my wife - I get told I'm wrong enough by her as it is. ;)
  12. Not really as damage to those won't kill you.

    Another advantage is you'll bounce down the road like a beach ball for a kilometre before stopping.
  13. Anyone else think the last gif of the airbag going off looks like it would cause some serious damage to the family jewels. Airbags that deploy quickly enough to do anything make a hell of a bang, and I'd rather not strap one to my nuts.

    That's a no from me then.
  14. There was a really good short story I read, about 20 ~ 25 years ago now. It started with a bloke who invented a splash guard / weather shield, to go in front of his shins and help keep his knees and lower extremities warm and dry. But the government got on board and made it mandatory, and you couldn't ride a bike without a leg guard, and our well meaning inventor became the person who finally succeeded in breaking motorcycles and the idiots who ride them for good... because nobody wanted to look like that much of a dick... New ideas are great, but don't have any ideas too good, because they may just become mandatory. Helmets are a good idea...
  15. Fck off, I'm not wearing that. Ever. No matter whether it works or not. I also reserve the right to piss myself laughing at anyone who does.