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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. I got a hold of a pair of fuglies to use on the bike under the helmet and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you so here goes;

    The glasses themselves are very solid. Nice thick sturdy arms, perfect for trying to force them between your cheeks (no vtrbob, the other cheeks) and your helmet liner.

    They have thick foam padding that lines the inside of the frames and a removable strap for wearing under a full frame helmet I suppose.

    The ones that I have, have the smoked lens. The clarity of the lens is brilliant. I used to ride with polarised lenses and I found them to be annoying at times, mostly great but mildly annoying. I now need to get used to the non polarised lenses that these glasses have.

    Once the helmet is on I slide the glasses on and seat them nice and snuggly against the bridge of my nose.

    My eyelashes are sitting inside the padded frames and they don't touch the frames, nice. You need that in a glass, well at least I do, there is nothing more annoying that your lashes touching the lens.

    Once underway, your vision is clear and most of the glare is eliminated. The padding that is around the frames is excellent for keeping any stray sunlight from sneaking through.

    Head checking is made a little bit more difficult as it is with all sunglasses.

    Overall they are good to wear under the helmet. I found them uncomfortable to be wearing them when the helmet is off as my lashes touch the padding of the frames.

    I would rate them an 8/10.

    Well worth considering as a set of glasses "for the bike"

    Cheers :cool:
  2. Ok Well I thought I better leave my thoughts now, as uneducated and limited as they are :LOL:

    I just recently purchased a pair of Fuglie Smoke poly carbonate anti-fog lens with gold mirror.
    First of all, the frames are huge, and even on my big head look rather large. While trying them on with my helmet I found the the left side was catching on the inner rear foam on my helmet and I had trouble getting them in snuggly against my face :(
    Now as my bikes being a slut atm im not getting much riding time, so i have taken the time to try them out in the car, and BOY, for anti-fog lenses they fog up more then my old pair of sunnies. :(
    I think it is to do with the size and the padding, they just seem to heat up around your eyes and I guess turn the moisture into condensation really quickly. Im sure on a bike where the air is moving more freely they may be better but in a close up car on a hot day. I have trouble driving for 1 minute without having to take them off as they are fogged up :(

    I would rate them a 5/10

    Slightly stylish protective eyewear, but if you can afford something better then save your pennies imo
  3. On the subject of sunnies for riding...has anybody got any good 'wraparound' wind defying sunnies that can take a prescription lens? I wear an open face helmet on my scooter, and the wind is a bastard when it gets under my glasses.
  4. ya can get prescription goggles, go on you know you want to look like Biggles :cool:
  5. Yeah, but that bloody white silk scarf flapping about is a real pain at 180......
  6. I’ve got the Fuglies Polarised smoke acrylic lens with gold mirror, comparing them with many other riding sunnies i have had, from Ugly Fish to Panopix, i give the Fuglies lens an 8/10, its Frame a 6/10.
    Pretty good for what your paying imo.
  7. I find my $10 Cancer council polarised sunglasses great. Nice supple plastic frame, just drops right in between my head and teh helmet, don't even know they're there.
    I think teh key is really flexible plastic frames, particularly the sides.
    Agree with the eyelash thing too, so incredibly annoying!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. ...same here
    had a pair of Fuglies (polarized type)
    for about a year now
    imho...far better than the very expensive Wileys
    and Uglyfish I have had in the past
    (my grandson looks cool with My Wileys on... :) )
    they fit my head...and helmet much better

  9. I bought 2 pair (discounts!)
    The pair for the bike - can be worn without a visor on the helmet - the rubber bits stop the wind getting underneath the glasses and making your eyes water.
    Previously I had a pair of rayban wayfarers I am still using after 15 years!
    Horrible on the bike, though

    Frames are a bit tight if you have a big head. Can cause headaches.
    Not the most comfortable glasses I have ever had.

    Good value for the money, but will probably replace them with a better fit pair.
    No trouble with fogging - no trouble with anyhting except the fit.