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Fuglies - What the hell Vic?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Schwer, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. A few weeks ago my helmet struck the final blow to my previous pair of dodgy sunnies - having stretched them until they didn't actually stay on my head without a helmet holding them on (and even then barely) and compressed them to the point that the lense came out whenever I put them in my pocket, I finally lost a lense on the road and it was new sunnies time.

    Not wanting to destroy another pair, I figured sunnies sold to the ADF and rated up to 40m/s for impacts would probably stay together reasonably well - I did a search on NetRider and came up with nothing but positive reviews, so I gave them a go.

    Bad idea.

    They're the worst sunglasses I've ever had. I imagine a lot of this must be just due to my face - maybe I'm not fugly enough? I really didn't think the proportion of my nose and eyes was that different to everyone else, but they fit horribly off the bike and even worse on it. The bottom edge of them comes down to about the middle of my eye, and the foam stuck to the frames sits there so my eyelashes hit it whenever I blink. Annoying.

    When I slide them in between the helmet lining and my face they dig into my head, and every time I check my blind spot they come out a bit and the frames block my peripheral vision. Moreover, as soon as I put them on they start fogging up, and in a minute or so I can barely see through them. I've got no idea where the fog even comes from, I guess it's because the foam forms a seal around my eye? I've gone on a few rides with them thinking "cmon, give it a go" and had to take them off, because in between the fog and not being able to check my blindspots properly it's just dangerous to wear them.

    Other people have posted positive reviews, so I imagine they're sweet as long as the position of your nose and eyes lines up properly. I'm just posting this so someone searching through the threads here doesn't make the mistake of assuming they're fine for everyone like I did.

    tl;dr - just wasted $59.95 buying sunglasses that didn't fit me, hurrr.
  2. You didn't, you know, try them on before you actually paid for them?

  3. Bit hard when you buy them on the net dude!

    Schwer, similar probs to you with the Fuglies. Maybe we ought to start a group for people with odd shaped heads?
    Seriously though, I found the side arms are too wide and and get very sore behind the ear as they are compressed to the head.
    No probs with fogging but I reckon I need glasses that have minimal frame and a thin shorter arm to secure behind the ear.

    I wouldn't buy them again.

  4. http://www.fuglies.com.au/military.html

    I bought the SAS Ballistic ones online, after trying on heaps of pairs in shops and got extremely frigging lucky that they fit well and look good (IMHO).

    - the gel foam stuff around the frames is removeable (on mine it is, at least) try taking it off.

    - straight arms make it super easy to get the glasses on and off while wearing a helmet, but otherwise make them less good at gripping and staying on your head at some other times.

    - my only complaint is they don't sit up on your head without falling off/down, when you don't need to be wearing them for a little while.
  5. Thanks for the review, I have been thinking about ordering these for a while (clear ones for when I get caught out at night with tinted visor, and whilst safety goggles work great they're funny to wear around :grin: ).

    Any chance you can bring them along to coffee sometime so I could try them on? I always have trouble finding glasses that work well in the helmet.