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Fuelling issues at high temperatures

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by djdante, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, just picked up a 2006 ZX10R which is completely stock apart from Yoshimura cans and K&N filter. There were some major issues with the engine being choppy below 5k, way more than any sports bike should have been, so I took it in to my mechanic who gave the whole bike a look over for me.

    He fixed up the injection timing for me (which was the only issue he could find with the bike), which was out by a noticeable amount, and from there the bike ran MUCH more smoothly. However, last night while riding into the city through traffic, once the bike temp got up to 96-99ish and sat there for a while, the engine started suffering really bad fuelling issues again as though it isn't getting a smooth flow of fuel, cutting out at idle if i didn't keep it revved, and giving a really staggered acceleration.

    My mechanic at one stage seemed to think the TPS was a bit suspect, but when he unplugged it, the bike picked up the malfunction and displayed it as an error code straight away, so doesn't think that should be the issue.

    You guys experience this before? The bike only has 2000 miles on it, and since I'm stuck in traffic quite often i really want to get this figured out...
  2. The last temperature related running problem I had turned out to be the ignition pick ups failing when warm.

    How come the injection timing needed resetting? Surely it shjould never have been touched previously on such a young bike.
  3. Don't know to be sure, my mechanic told me that sometimes even new bikes straight out of the shop need re-tuning.
  4. I would have thought the FI would need a significant remap with a filter and pipe.

    I'd say this is the root of your problem, unless the Kawasaki system is particularly self adapting.
  5. Well I don't know much yet about the ZX10s, I'm still in that learning process, but when I suggested that I might need to remap the fuel system, my mechanic said that the ECU remaps all the time.

    Also, to add now, last night on the way home, my FI light was flashing, but I was riding, so couldn't count how often it flashed the code at me. when I got home, and turned it off and on again there was no FI light anymore.
  6. Some, but not many, FIs are completely closed loop. You may be lucky. Most are either open loop or only closed loop within limits.

    do a bit of homework on Kawasaki specific sites as a filter and pipe are enough to make a significant difference.