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Fuelling Fool

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bravus, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. More of a WTF than a near miss, but thought I'd share.

    Pulled up to the pump at a local Shell to fuel up, and was about to get off the bike when a woman behind asked me to move forward so she could get at a pump - didn't hear exactly what she said. There was an LPG pump behind the one I was using, so I assumed it was that. Moved another metre or so forward and got off, but she stuck her head out and asked again. I told her that was as much as I could do, but then stuck the hose in and pushed the bike a tad further forward, to the extent of the hose. She kept pushing forward, at one stage getting her nose up beside the bike, and I had no clue what was going on. I filled up and headed in to pay, after pushing the bike forward another couple of metres first (which servo owners hate), and she proceeded to then use the diesel nozzle on the same pump I'd been using. No 'thanks for moving forward', in fact a sigh at my pillion and a glare at me... because I hadn't facililtated her rude - and physically impossible because the pump only had one set of dials and couldn't be used by two people at the same time - demands.

  2. What a tool! Did you note down her number plate so we can all point and laugh at her when we see her dumb head?
  3. The amount of f*cktards out there never ceases to amaze me. I would have taken my sweet arse time getting back on the bike and putting my gear one just to make her wait bit more.
  4. That's my usual technique, along with filling in my running log, zeroing the tripmeter, giving the chain tension a prod, visually checking my tyres, fiddling with my mirrors and anything else I can think of to delay takeoff.
  5. I would have asked her which pump she was wanting, when she would have pointed to mine IO would kindly explain to her it only works on one vehicle at a time and she would have to wait it out.
    If she still would have made trouble then I would make it even more troublesome.
  6. Pump Rage ;)

    My servo attendant watched one nong get wound up because I was slower to fill (25lt tank) than he wanted, and he had rushed in to slot behind me as he expected a bike 'splash and dash' 10lt fill.

    Boy, did he get upset. Not that it helped him any when I did the slow gloves, reset odometer, check for spills, etc etc. The attendant was quite amused =D>
  7. this just goes to proof that some motorists just consider us second class citizens. Of course she had the right to use the pump before you. You're just a motorcyclist after all.
  8. The dicks that cant wait for a fill up and proceed to reverse into the pump crack me up. Especially when I'm in the car and 'box' them in. Intention of letting the pull out the wrong way (against the flow). NOT bloody likely!
  9. Women in cars, nuff' said.

    Diesal? let me guess, 4WD soccer mum?
  10. Tends to happen out west in Sydney a bit. Everybody needs to be everywhere 5 minutes ago, it's a city thing.
  11. What makes me laugh is the number of muppets ( majority of cagers ) that don't realise that the hose is long enough to reach to the other side of the car and therefore wait, rage, whatever for the line that puts the pump on the same side as their filler cap....
  12. In the cage, it depends on the pump. If its a flexible stalk thingy i just go wherever is the shortest queue. If its one of the new style hoses that come from the overhead, it doesnt reach the other side unless you drive a shoebox.
    Im not one to queue up at woolworths or coles servos just to save 4cpl. Id rather go into the empty servo 200m further up the road thats empty and put non-ethanol fuel in anyway.
    With the bike i dont wait for "cheap fuel day" anyway. Whats the point :p.

    Reminds me of a dude last year before i got my bike. Was at a servo with the missus (she was riding, i was pillion) and while she was paying for fuel and i was relieving myself in the boys room, some seriously impatient dude couldnt wait for us. He got out of the car and then wheeled the bike into the middle of the stations driveway, then got in and moved up, started filling. Should have seen his face when she tapped on his shoulder and said "you may want to be more careful the next time you touch someones bike like that. its entirely possible you might have an accident and end up with that filler nozzle you are using stuck in your ass".
    My missus likes to "roughhouse" :p her words. I let her fight all my fights and keep drinking beer. :angel:
  13. I was at my local Caltex last week and as I pulled up at the pump (was in the cage) I noticed a 4wd pulling up behind me, I got out to start filling up but as I went to grab the hose I realised that there was only one diesel pump and it was the one I was using. The guy in the 4wd obviously wanted diesel and there was another unleaded pump free on the other side of the servo so I jumped back in and moved to the other one. He was quite shocked that I would be so courteous and he thanked me profusely. It really only took an extra 15-20 seconds and everybody was happy. If, however, he had demanded that I move then it would have been a different story :demon:
  14. Thats Gold
  15. agreed! :D
  16. She was rude, but you can use a pump immediately after someone else as long as they've returned the nozzle. Its recorded as a separate transaction - must pumps allow two.
  17. Yeah, I get that, but she was wanting to use it at exactly the same time.