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Fuel types

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by slowandsteady, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Apologies mods if this is the wrong place to post!!!

    looking for opinions on pulp choices.
    PS have stressed NOT to use Vortex or Optimax on the new Viffer. Being aware of the amount of additives and crap they put in this stuff and how badly it can clog up jets, plugs etc, especially in m/bikes I've stayed away.
    I found the Hyosung runs BETTER on regular unleaded than premium, but am interested to know what others' preferences are when it comes to fuel for their ride.

  2. not only has this been done to death before if you seach, but new vfrs are injected and have lambda sensors, so they deal with any pulp you throw at it.

    If it has knock sensors as well (i don't think they do) it will handle ANY fuel you throw at it, probably even canola and peanut oil.

    ordinary ULP is full of additives like detergents, colours and 11 herbs and spices as well - they don't differentiate it and therefore can't sell on it and therefore don't spend the money advertising it.

    Your only choice here is to try multiple tanks of everything you might want to use and see which one gives you the most range for the dollar (note not range for the litre)
  3. I've only heard not to use Optimax in carby bikes.

    AFAIK Vortex was fine and have used it plenty of times :?
  4. I'm a vortex guy too. It just sounds, well, it sounds so kewl. VORTEX :cool: :LOL:
  5. Thanks fo rthe reply bonox.
    so should i just assume that PS (one of the largest sellers of bikes on OZ) don't know what they're talking about? I can't see that their recommendation would be biased from a commercial perspective and am aware of the presence of additives in regular unleaded and although the Honda manual suggests anything with a min. of 91 Ron (excluding certain ethanol/methanol blends) it seemed like a valid issue. Servicing a lot of bikes they would be in a better position to offer an objective view on the effects of using different fuels thus accepting that there may be an element of truth in what they say.

    I've also heard others suggesting staying away from Optimax as well.

    I personally find my work vehicle (does @ 1200-1500km per week) gives me an extra 50-60km on premium per tank which works out more cost efficient than regular.

    As stated in the previous post, I found the Hyosung performed MUCH better on regular unleaded than premium (smoother, better accelaration).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.