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Fuel treatment (cleaner) for ZX6R J1

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by NovaCoder, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. My ZX6R is not running well and I was thinking about flushing the system through with an fuel additive cleaner, does anyone know of one that works?

  2. Have you drained,cleaned and balanced the carbs? changed plugs?

    Most 'additives' on the market are a waste of money.
    If you are going to use one,use Nulon and use a WHOLE bottle to half a tank of Mobil Synergy8000 and give her a good caning.
  3. I'm far too lazy to clean the carbs manually, that's why I wanted to try the chemical :p

    I will also be changing the plugs and the air-filter at the same time (balancing is beyond my skills).

    Looks like Nulon is the go, thanks :D
  4. sounds like it needs a mechanic to have a good look at it
  5. if it H20 in the fuel , metho is also a good thing .

    it burns with the fuel and will evaperate any water as well .
    normally for a car 60 lt tank , 1 bittle (1 liter) , you will have to work out the maths for your bike .