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Fuel Tax Petition

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cruisingal, May 17, 2006.

  1. I recieved this email this morning, but I doubt that anything will come of it. What are your opinions?

    Whenever you fill up you are paying 37.7 cents per litre Federal Tax.

    The Federal Tax is then added to the cost of petrol and then 10% of this
    total is then ADDED AGAIN as GST!!

    So we are paying a tax on a tax.

    When GST was introduced it was supposed to replace all other taxes.

    Please sign the petition below to have the federal tax removed!

    (This would have the immediate effect of taking 41.5 cents off per

    Please forward this email to all your friends.

  2. Meh... keep fuel costs high. Make the bastards driving the city in their v8 4x4s suffer. Fuel costs are getting more people on bikes as well.
  3. We in Australia cannot really complain about petrol prices since we have one of the lowest fuel prices for a developed nation. Turkey is now paying around $4.50 a litre (they pay around $2 in tax), India is around the same prices as us...except their average wage is about a 10th of ours.

    I am of a similar mind to Port80, the more cars it discourages off the road the better. And if, as a side effect, it attracts more bike riders, even better.
  4. I'm with port 80... i may have a wine every now and a again but I'm seeing less and less of sandybay tractors and tollman hill buses its great.

    Pluss cars are getting smaller and smaller. Its so easy to glare and intimidate down on them!!! :LOL:

    not so easy on a f250 :shock:
  5. Yep, put it up more.

    Spend the money on researching alternative fuels, fixing up medicare and paying pensioners a decent pension.

    And while they're at it they should wack up the cost of truck rego's and spend it on subsedising rail cargo, to get a few trucks off the road.
  6. If all the tax actually went to fixing and funding new roads, it wouldn't be that bad. But hardly any of that tax goes back into roads! I'm getting myself a bike now because of the high fuel costs.
  7. I'm not worried about the cost of petrol, but I would be if I lived in a rural area again. They need a reduction far more than those in the city.

    At the moment, primary producers receive a discount, but in most cases the rural population is not given enough support.
  8. Yep it would then also become a congestion tax and would encourage people to use public transport.
  9. A petition would never, ever work and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

    All thatmoney from fuel tax helps the economy, and we demanded it be scrapped, the Govt would just have to find another way of making it's $13m/day, maybe higher income tax/more fees and taxes/speed cameras etc.

    I'd rather pay a few extra cents at the pump than lose out on my cash elsewhere. Besides I only spend about $15 a week on fuel.

    Funny how we live in one of the luckiest countries in the world and yet people still complain they're hard done by :roll:
  10. Just because other nations pay more tax doesn't mean it isn't wrong. Fuel is a necessity not a luxury, taxing it as highly as they do is unethical.
    Rather than tax the fuel, why not increase the tax on luxury cars and 4x4s and create a congestion tax for cars with only one person in them.
  11. Definately - Melbourne people biatch about fuel prices despite the fact that they are often paying 10c or so a litre less than rural Victoria (who don't even have the option of using public transport). Given that fuel sales in the city would have to account for a very high percentage of total sales even a small increase would offset a large decrease in rural prices.
  12. I can see your point with truck rego's but I can't fully agree. Once upon a time I took the same position with the GM of a transport company (I have worked for two so far). The response is that while rail is great, it is expensive because to take something from point a to point b you need a truck to load at point a then take to the train station, then a truck to take it from the end journey of the train to the final destination. While in some cases this may be effective, mostly it isn't the case due to loading times and indirect routes.
  13. Driving is a necessity yes, BUT driving in a 4WD, V8 or even a 6CYL car is not, do you really need a flacadore to get to work when a focus or vectra or would be enough.

    I say put the prices up, it will get cars off the road and people into smaller more reasonable cars

  14. and when these truck are off the road.... what takes the cargo from the rail depot to the warehouse????

    fuel prices are a bit high..

    city dwellers have other options including bublic transport.........

    most country areas don't have this option or public transport is dearer.... yes it costs more to catch the train to melboune (or anywhere else for that matter) and back home that it does for me to drive........ even less now i drive a little deisel...... :grin:

    by the way.. current price of fuel in Kyneton?? aout 12 cents more than Melbourne.....and it never goes down even if Melbourne does...... was 18 cents difference a month or so ago....... but it is a captive market..... only 1 servo in town

    bikes are great but Mum and 3 kids can't all fit on the bike you know
  15. Bloody oath!

    When I was living in a rural area the difference between city and country was 18c per litre! :shock:

    This was also in a time when city prices were 62c!
  16. its quite common these days..

    live anywhere outside of melbourne and you pay extra.

    A lot of people in Melbourne never realize this.

    plus we don't have public transport so we HAVE to pay for fuel... at he dearere price of course, unless you can manage to be in the city regularly to fill up.
  17. Note: I wrote " a few truck"

    It should go up just enough to discourage the use of trucks to move containers interstate etc. Basically anything that can be done by rail.

    They talk about point of impact taxation. Well trucks do 95% of the damage to the roads. You could double truck rego and you still wouldn't be covering the impact trucks make on roads.
  18. I have been paying $1:49.9 for diesel for three weeks now. It used to cost me $20 a week to do the school run (no public transport or school buses here :? ). Now this will only last a couple of days.

    The absolutely ludicrous thing is, go another 100km east and it starts getting cheaper again. Go figure :roll:
  19. currently costing us $75 (1 tank) a week in deisel to get to and from work....and driving around for work (200K+ each day)

    compard to the only puplic transport option,$75 x 2 people weekly, just to get to work, they wonder why people ar using cars rather than public transport???

    (Add to this i need to use my own vehicle for work)

    the fact that if I am at work(~100k south) i can fill up in the city for 10-15 cents a litre less than at home really shits me.
  20. Add to this, you need to own a car to get to most public transport, so you need to still pay rego, insurance, devaluation etc.

    Public transport is WAY to dear.