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Fuel Tap????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Roybot, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    So I finally got my bike on Friday, a Yamaha SRV250, and I'm loving it, I've been taking it for rides along Bondi and the cliffs of Dover Heights early in the morning when no other cars are out (on the few days it hasn't been raining).

    But I've got a small problem, the fuel tap doesn't have an off position, only On, Pri and Res, I think the Pri means Prime?? So how should I be leaving the bike when I garage it?

    L's course didn't give me the option of no off position!

  2. i cant speak for your particular bike, but the several i've worked on, the fuel tap is actuated by vacume line from the motor, so basically the tap is off when the motor is off.

    so leave it on.
  3. Yep, on is good. Res for when On runs out, and Pri for when the bike sits for weeks without starting, or if you run right out of fuel.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. That would explain it... I kept imagining myself coming back to a flood of fuel, not a nice prospect! Thanks
  5. Speaking of the fuel tap...how do you refill the reserve :oops:
  6. You buy me a carton of Extra Dry and I will explain it in full, its not an easy thing to understand and will need a few beers to get the full understanding.

    In the case you are not joking, there is no reserve, the pipe inside the tank tas two levels, when you switch to reserve the lower level opening comes into play and you are able to drain fuel lower in the tank.

    If not please PM me for delivery address for beer :cool:
  7. Always with the beer! Did you notice the new GTR photos...a slab fits in the panniers, so you'll be laughing! :cool:

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. for info: The zzr250 has two positions marked PRI and RES. again no off. PRI=PRIMARY...leave it in this all the time
    RES=RESERVE switch to this when you run out and get to a servo chop suey! Thats it.


    Above is from an early 90's 250 ninja
  9. Mmm them extra drys are great arent they? just like the commercial. Anyways speaking of slabs of beer Kim_Rodger has a ventura rack that holds two slabs of beer. :eek: *hail ventura*
  10. Reserve is part of the main fuel tank, just it sucks fuel from lower down, so when you refuel your bike, you're filling the reserev too :p

    Roybot, I live over in Randwick, PM me, or txt me on 04!4 817 993 if you want to meet for a ride sometime! The cliff roads around Dover Heights are lovely, as is the coast run from Bondi down through Tamarama and Bronte, through Clovelly and Coogee... I do that run a fair bit!! Same for the New South Head Rd Hills (i work at the top of the twisties! So fun..) I love the look of your bike, wouldn't mind seeing it in the flesh :oops:
  11. Hey no fair, I said that (stamps his feet) you copied my homework :LOL:

    Andrew, the beer drinking is a facade, I don't drink that much really..... no seriously I don't ........... why doesn't anyone beleive me........ reallllyyyyyyy.

    ps yeah that one each side and one in the topbox, see you at Tathra.
  12. not quite

    primary means 1st

    zzr250's are as mentioned in a previous post

    they have a vacuum fuel tap so have
    on vac use
    res vac use
    pri prime fuel will flow anytime this comes through the reserve pipe

    if you leave your tap on pri all the time you have 2 probs

    1 it allows fuel to flow all the time so if the carbs have a prob then you have a puddle of fuel

    prime is used when the bike sits for weeks or if you come to a halt without changing over to reserve

    if you leave it on prime all the time you will use up all the fuel in the tank and have no reserve section
  13. Pri = prime. This position should only be used for priming the carbs after they have been removed, or you've completely run out of fuel.
    Only use this position for starting the bike, then switch back to on, or reserve.

    You can cause major engine damage using this position, if left overnight. The fuel can flow through the carbs and into the combustion chamber. Then when you turn the motor over with the starter you have a non compressible fluid in the combustion chamber which can bend a conrod The term for this is hydraulic lock.
  14. Vacuum tap.

    Reserve (RES) and On (ON) positions are "off" until vacuum is detected.

    Prime (PRI) will always flow fuel - used to prime carbies if it hasnt been started in a while, since starter motor alone doesnt generate enough vacuum to suck fuel easily.

    Of course, if the vacuum diaphragm is rooted then they will all be like prime and they can flood the motor if your float bowl is set wrong or the needle and seat leaks.