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fuel tap

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jadas, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I finally got my bike all legal and working well. Took it for it's first ride yesterday :) - Kawasaki er5

    So this may be a total newb question, but how exactly do i use the fuel tap? IE: when should 'pri' be used, and when should i turn it to reserve, etc?
  2. Welcome Jadas, Normally you should have it in the Run position. When it coughs and sputters you have run out of fuel so move it to the Reserve position and start looking for a petrol station. After a while you will get to know how many K's you can do on a tank.

    The Prime (PRI) position is for priming the carbys if it has sat unused for a while or if you have run completely empty. Once it is started you should move it to the run position.
  3. ok cool. Which reminds me, I'm about to leave for 6 weeks holiday. should i drain my fuel for that period, or do i need to drain the carby's when i get back???
  4. No and no.
  5. 6 weeks! drain all fuel, all oil, all brake fluid.
    Deflate tires - remove rims and get bike on blocks.

    Just to be sure - trickle charge battery throughout duration
  6. Turn your fuel cock to off. And disconnect the earth off the battery. Make sure you don't leave it touching the frame.
    That's two beers you owe Pat and I now.
  7. BitSar can pay the two beers as punishment for being alarmist. ;)
  8. Hahaha - you got me :D

    :beer: +:beer: