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Fuel Tap... new person type question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Paulie, May 1, 2005.

  1. :)

    I asked a few people that I know about the 'fuel tap' and have had mixed responses, my question is... Is it important to turn the fuel tap off everynight when you park the bike?

    My dad and a mate who rides said not to bother and it dont make no difference, but my neighbour said to always do it..

    What does everyone else do :?:

  2. depends on the bike... if the fuel is gravity fed and you have no intentions of riding it in the next few days... turn it of.. if you have a fuel pamp of any sort... don't bother unless you are going to actualy store the bike for some time... and than you might as well drain the crbes..
  3. At MTA we teach people to turn the tap off when turning the bike off. This is due to the fact that the rider becomes very adept at locating and using the fuel tap. This comes in handy when the bike has to be switched to reserve ( whilst riding) , no more shoving your head into your motor searching for the elusive tap :wink:

    cheers Michael
  4. Does a fuel pump make any difference?
    Fuel will still flow if the fuel pump isn't operating, the bike will just suffer from fuel starvation at higher revs. All the fuel pump does is help the fuel along it's way.

    But yeah, you don't really need to turn the tap off unless the bike is going to be stored for a while (more than a couple of months). Then it is a [very] good idea to drain the carbs (run the bike with the fuel tap off until the bike stops) to prevent the fuel from going stale and gunking up your carbs.

  5. I have a question about fuel tap too. If I switch to reserve whilst actually riding the bike, will the bike switch off, cos I have to go past the "off" position on the tap before I get to "reserve", and will it take a while to pump reserve fuel into the engine when it's been switched to reserve? Or is it simply wiser/better to pull over & cut the ignition when switching to reserve?

    Apologies if these questions have been asked dozens of times before.
  6. Nope, the bike won't stop running, as long as you're quick enough. You should always know roughly how much fuel is in the tank when you're riding, and when you feel the bike start to stutter, flick it onto reserve straight away.

    If you want lots of practice at switching a bike to reserve whilst riding, borrow my Yamaha YPVS 2-stroke for a day.
  7. my fuel tap is always wet and smelling like fuel, not overly saturated but just wet with fuel every time I go to touch it. Do I gots a problems?
  8. Maybe a little one.... Probably just a seal or "o" ring
  9. Unless you actually see fuel leaking from it probably not, unless you often smoke next to your bike. :twisted:

    If it's wet to the touch, then might have to get a seal replaced or something.
  10. Kind of OT, but tap related...

    A friend had an errand to do in the CBD, parked his bike, did his business, got back on the bike... then after a short while, his bike started spluttering.

    Some @#^%! @^$%!$^% had turned his tap off. How @%$!!$! dangerous is that!

    Now I make it a practice to always check the tap before getting on the bike - which infact was how I was taught by stay upright... but was a practice I let slip.


  11. Just wanted to say thanks for Spiky for providing essential information at just the right time! The day after this post I was going across the Anzac Bridge at 90kmph in peak hour traffic when I had to switch to reserve. I think I would have been a whole lot more anxious about it had I not known that my engine wasn't gonna stop. Gracias. :)
  12. LOL, thats on my list of nasty pranks to play now.
    I prefer the far safer and just as amusing, flick the kill switch and time how long it takes to figure it out. ;)
  13. Hey - I was never told that this is the reason! I went home (after l's at MTA) and diligently applied the FINK approach (fuel/ignition/neutral/kill - reverse for turning off) for years thinking this was better for my bike. I never knew that all you wanted was for me to be comfortable knowing where the fuel tap is!

    (Stopped doing this when I got my current bike - don't have a fuel tap anymore...)
  14. Or the one someone mention the other day in the practical joke thread:

    Tape the horn button down. When the turn the key.. BAAAAAAAAARP!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Not necessary to turn the fuel tap off overnight on the GPX. I only turned it off when I wasn't going to ride it for a couple of weeks, but even then, it probably wasn't necessary.
  16. I've just got a ZXR250 and I find the fuel tap is right behind my leg when I ride. It seems impossible to get to while riding. Anybody else with this bike got any suggetions?
  17. this is problebly a dumb question but what does PRI stand for?
  18. Prime- allows extra fuel to fill the carbies after sitting around for extended periods.
  19. Stands for Prime - lets fuel flow into the carbs with the engine off, useful if the carb bowls are empty for some reason (ie have been intentionally drained or the fuel's evaporated as a result of the bike sitting for some time).