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Fuel Tap Confusion

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by theguru, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Had a starting problem with my bike this morning (Honda CBR250RR 1991 Model), the engine winds, but just doesn't kick on. Below are the steps I take when I always start the bike.

    1. Choke on
    2. Starter on
    ** 3. Fuel tap down (Vertically with longest point downwards) **
    4. Key in ignition
    5. Push starter and give a little rev.

    Bike usually kicks over straight away. However, this morning, did the exact same steps and it didn't kick over. My first thought, the battery was just about had it. Took off the battery and put it on the charge for 30mins or so. Put it back in with a voltmeter, and it read roughly 13.5v~, when I push the starter, it drops to about 6.5v~ and didn't start.

    ** When going for my L's, and from riding motocross, the instructor said that for the fuel to be "On" and going to the carb. the fuel tap was to be facing the ground. (Vertically downwards), and the fuel tap on a horizontal position this was "Off" and Vertically upwards it was in "Reserve".

    However, after reading the manual which came with the bike, it says the complete opposite. Have the fuel tap horizontally and that is classified as "On", vertically downwards is "Off", and vertically upwards is "Reserve"? **

    Now, after reading this, I put the tap in a horizontal position and it then kicked over straight away.??

    BUT, when I bought the bike, the owner said that the fuel tap should be facing downwards (Vertically) and that means the fuel is on. I rode it from the seller's house with this fuel tap facing down, and it didn't stall or stutter once.

    Im absolutely confused on which is the correct position that the fuel tap should be for it to be "On"...

    Below are two images, one which I scanned from the manual, the other is a pic of the actual fuel tap on the bike, with it's corresponding labels.

    Bike Tap:


    Manual Instructions:


    Any help from you guys in which would be the correct position would be good.

  2. That manual is wrong, the short arrow (ON) should be pointing upwards for the fuel to be on.

    How far was the owners house to your house? Even with the fuel tap turned to off you can get about 10kms before the bike starts to die. If it was a lot further than that then mabye you have a faulty fuel tap which apparently is not uncommon in the baby cbr's
  3. That's why I like Kawasakis, just get on and ride!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Is it possible that the tap was removed and replaced at 180 degees?
  5. pmsl at the manual, it shows the tap in the exact same position in every diagram :LOL:
  6. yeah, its Ingrish :p
  7. I would not trust that manual. Only the tap handle position should change not the labels for On, Off and Res.

    It's good I have a Kawasaki. I do not have this problem.
  8. Yeah tractors are good like that.

    As to the tap, there are probable 3 positions. Off, on and Prime. Primes allows fuel to free flow to the bowls. You only use this if the bowls have run dry.

    Where they are for this bike I dont' know.