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fuel tank shop?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by abvc, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hi, I am looking for a fuel tank, cables & stand similar like the picture. anybody know a shop that sell?


  2. Looks like a busted floor lamp as the stand to me!

  3. you could try a medical supplies shop? looks like a bit of metal for the stand, some plastic bottle as the tank and some rubber hose as the fuel lines....

    shoot me a pm if you're willing to wait til im back at school and i'll make you a stand in engineering :)
  4. Now that you mention it- it does indeed!
  5. I wasn't sure if this thread was meant to be a joke or not (I'm still not). :grin:
    But yeah, it looks just like the IV bags/stands in hospitals.
  6. "Small tank capacity no issue, not going to ride far"

  7. good point! any idea what store sells medical supplies? what about the hose? bunnings would have?
  8. Just chiming in that that is not an IV bag/line. I think that the petrol would eat through the bag too quickly to make it useful anyway. It looks less like a bag and more like a bottle connected to some hosing. Medical supplies are also on the pricey side.

    I'd go to some place like autobarn and buy a length of fuel line (that is the same size as your bike's fuel line) and attatch one end to your fuel tap and the other to your container of petrol. To do this you may have to have a go at making a connecting piece though.

    Hope that helps
  9. yes. that is exactly what the man had done, with a tap on the connecting piece. Do you think that a chair, fuel container, and hose (via the container's top) would do the same job (as the iv tube technique)?
  10. Yep, as long as the petrol container is above the fuel tap it should be good it should work just like the gravity line of some bike's fuel systems. I don't see why it shouldn't work.
  11. Ah yes I know exactly your problem. I got a tin can and soldered a brass hose fitting into it, just fill it up and sit it where the seat goes. Zero cost solution.
  12. fuel tank

    Ive probably got all the stuff in my gge, Stand, as s/one else said, Bottle, Hose, bit of Wire to hold it up and a Kink in the line (Peg) to stop it.

    Slamm bamm done ](*,)