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Fuel tank repairs in Sydney, Know anyone?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by chickibabe, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Hi there,
    Does anyone know of someone that does fuel tank repairs. Have a small leak in gsxr tank?

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
    Cheers Lou
  2. now i cant recomend any one as i havent lived in sydney for about 10 years but you can get some "tank cream" from some where like MCA in parramatta. most bike shops can sort it for you but i'd go some where local and small. i never liked the action suzuki and the likes. all the big bike shops have big premerces and big over heads so have to charge big prices. go to a small bike mechanic who will either braze up your tank or tank cream it.

    good luck.
  3. I used a guy over at revesby once who was as dodgy as a dogs hind leg. I forget the name.

    Two bike repairers I know of are. I've heard good stuff about collidascope. I have considered F1 for something.

    Collideascope (hornsby or hills somewhere)
    F1 (Kogarah way)
  4. Tonys Bodyshop in Blacktown. Did my old GPX tank-infilled it with lead. and then 2pack painted it for like $330.
  5. thanks guys,
    we have taken the tank back to dealer as we only purchased the bike about 2 weeks ago, they are hoping to fix it ( :?: ) Was not sure if it would be covered under a warrranty since we only had the bike for a couple of weeks. Not sure how it works when only just purchased, wouldn't this come under a safety issue?

    Cheers Lou
  6. Read the paperwork that the bike comes with, one of the things that you get is a pink/blue slip for ownership transfer, which means that they checked the bike out for any/all major probs, and should have picked it up then. also they should have a 1-2 month limited (repairs only) warranty at the least if a 2nd hand bike.
  7. Thanks everyone for all the advise, ended up taking it back to shop and they repaired it at no cost so happy to be back on road.
    Cheers LOu
  8. Sounds like you got it all sorted out which is great!...

    bit late for this one but for future reference, I had some work done on fairings (courtesy of a friends kid leaning on the indicator and pulling it out of the fairing) by a guy in Baulkham Hills and would definitely recommend him for repairs/plastic welding... was given his name by the accessory warehouse at Castle Hill.