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Fuel Tank Issue - Is this common?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by DKEL, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. I have been having a bit of a problem with my bike (99 ZZR250) with the carbies getting very dirty. Twice now its come to the point of one becoming blocked completely and the bike going down to one cylinder.

    A trip to the mechanic and $200 later for carbies cleaned and tuned, I am informed that the bike is a few years old, there is probably a bit of crap in the bottom of the fuel tank and not to let it run too low on fuel. And also that it would be great to fit a fuel filter but there is not much room on the ZZR.

    So last night i decide that i will drain the fuel of the fuel tank, have a look at the condition of the inside and give it a rinse out. The idea being that this might help a little.

    First time I've done this on a bike. I'm looking down into the empty tank with a torch and it all looks pretty clean to me, no rust at all, very little in the way of anything 'foreign'. I can see the bit where the fuel exits out the bottom. One short tube rising into the tank, and one longer tube.....laying on the bottom of the tank next to it.

    So its turns out that when the fuel tap is turned to 'ON' the fuel is being drained direct of the the bottom of the tank, the potentially dirtiest bit.

    I take the fuel tap off the bottom of the tank and after a bit of time eventually manage to get the riser tube out the hole at the bottom of the tank. I shake the tank and still hear a rattle. Another look inside and it turns out there is another loose riser tube in there! Seems this has happened before!

    I give it all a bit of a rinse out and put it all back together, this time with longer pipe riser in its place. The short 'reserve' one is firm in place but the longer 'on' one is a little lose. I think it will eventually fall out again if i dont do something about it.

    This should help with some cleaner fuel delivery at least.


    Is this a common thing to happen? Seems to have happened to my bike at least twice.

    Is there a suitable glue to use that wont be dissolved by the petrol? Or maybe i should be looking for a plastic sleeve or o-ring to jam in there? Deform with heat?

    I'm all typed out.
    Next project: Carbie cleaning

  2. DKEL -

    Tried replying last night, but the server collapsed in a fizzing mess (again) and my trademark "way-too-long" post was lost.

    Here's the short version;

    Read the labels on some of the Silastic type products - many are fuel-proof, and whilst they're not made to be adhesives specifically, they do the job well, and their "rubberiness" can help fill a bit of space if a part fit has become loose, as well as making the job very vibration resistant.

    DON'T use much - silicone is a nightmare if it gets into your fuel system. And make sure parts are very clean before applying it.

    Lastly, DO use a fuel filter, even if space is tight. There are plenty of tiny ones available, they're not very expensive, and it sure beats carb cleaning.


  3. Yeah, as the wise one said above, find a fuel filter that wil fit, and use it!
    It will save you so much grief long term. I drained about two tablespoons of "mud" ( actually iron oxide from teh fuel tank) from my GTR when I got it. It affects the volume of fuel the carb bowls can hold, making performance erratic. If it get's bad enough, it will find it's way into carb passages as you've found out.
    As for the fuel tap pipe, I'd be using some form of Loctite, solder it, deform the end so it's a tight fit in it's socket or similar.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. thanks for the advice guys. Its reassuring to have some words there when i really dont have much of an idea of what i am actually doing.
  5. just in general, old lines can be a source of crap as well. If you are going to put a filter in, do yourself a favour and check the lines or replace them while you're there.