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Fuel Switch

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PGMIII, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Hi fellow riders,

    I've read alot about turning the fuel swith "OFF" if not riding for a few days and making sure you turn the fuel back to "ON" from "RES after refueling etc...

    Noobie Question:

    What if i was to leave is on "RES" even after refueling?

    Reason: The other day, bike lost power then gain power then lost then gain and went dead. Switched it to RES and problem solved. Funny thing is i opened up the tank and there were a fair bit of fuel left inside. Thinkig that the fuel switch maybe clogged.

    Any comment?

  2. If you leave it on "RES" all the time you lose the warning that you are about to run out of petrol.

    If you have it set to "ON" and run out of petrol you switch over to "RES" and you have a few litres to get to a servo. Run out on "RES" and you're pushing it to the servo.

    Using only "RES" you could try and gauge it by the amount of km's you get from a tank but that's not an exact science.

    I'm assuming you don't have a fuel gauge of course!
  3. Your question about reserve and on was answered. With my last bike, I turned the tap to off the first time I didn't ride it for a few days. I never did it again after that and it was fine. I don't think its necessary to do. It wasn't with the VTR. My current bike doesn't have a fuel switch so its always on.

    Incidentally, if you decide to turn it off when not riding it for a few days, remember to turn it back on again. Otherwise, it'll run fine while its sitting there warming up then stop all of a sudden and you might be scratching your head thinking about why it won't crank over..... until you check the fuel tap.... like I did. :grin:
  4. I was thinking off doing that!

    and i don't have a fuel gauge.

    Thanks for the reply. :)
  5. Er... that's what running out of fuel feels like. Note that in most cases On and Reserve positions both suck fuel from the same tank, only at different heights. When set to 'On', if the fuel level drops below a certain point it will stop flowing and you will experience fuel starvation. At this point flipping over to 'Reserve' causes fuel to be taken from the very bottom of the tank, allowing you to squeeze out every last drop.

    As has already been pointed out, this means that leaving the tap on Reserve can be risky because it means that when you run out, you fail HARD.
  6. Can I ask why you'd even consider using RES all the time?

    What's so hard about running on 'ON' and switching it over when you feel a bit of a splutter?

    Personally, my riding varies alot and with it, the amount of K's I can do to a tank so counting the K's I've done is only a very rough guide and RES has saved me countless times.

    PS. I've accidentally left it on RES a couple times and run completely dry, it's not fun pushing 150kilo's for a kilometre in 30 degree heat and full gear to a servo.
  7. From the symptoms you described it sounds like maybe you sucked a bit of crap into your taps filters. Switching to reserve would take fuel from a different point and so bypass the crap. It may be worth removing the taps and giving things a bit of a clean.

    Normally you shouldn't run on reserve as if you do you will not have a reserve. So if you run out on reserve you are stuck.

    However, if you hardly ever use resrve crap can build up in the bottom of the tank and clog the tap when you switch to reserve. So once every couple of months or so its not a bad idea to run on reserve for a bit. If you do this just after you have filled, you won't risk runnning out of fuel.
  8. If you're worried that you're ON position is clogged then I suggest you run some carby cleaner through it.

    I could see that my reserve tube was fine and my on was clogged, and after running two tanks worth of cleaner through the bike, the problem was fixed.