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Fuel stops?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Kezza53, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. I am a newish rider and I am planning a big ride (one day) however for the time being I thought I might do a shortish ride from Townsville to Charters Towers via Hervy Range Road/ Gregory Developmental Road. Trouble is I don't think I'll make it without a fuel stop (actually I know I wont!!)and RACQ doesn't seem to tell you about fuel stops. I remember a stop along that road from Greenvale somewhere but it's been a while and can't remember where it is. I am wondering if anyone may know how far it is from the end of Hervey Range Road back to the service station ...thats of course if it is still there?? Thankyou fellow Queenslanders. :)

  2. Thanks Dave...awesome. Found one straight up and it's on the right (correct) side of the track too. Thought I'd have to go back but no. Thanks again. :grin:
  3. Might be a good idea to bring a jerry can with you.
    I've run out of fuel between Melbourne and Sydney a few times.
    Was a good thing I had it. Petrol station might be there but what if it's closed for whatever reason and you're almost out?
    I carry a 10L jerry can which pretty much fills up the zxr250. Each tankfull only takes me 200KM max
  4. Yeah...my hubby thought of that too...maybe not a 10 litre though for such a short trip. It is fairly remote area although it has a good road...mobiles don't work and there is a servo as I said before but it is roughly 100ks between towns. I should make it with no stops but wouldn't it p**** you off to run out 2 ks from town at the bottom of a hill!! I am up for an adventure but I want it to go smoothly!! Too old to be put off my new found interest, like, don't do dropping bike! don't do running out of fuel, don't do accidents don't do any of the nasties at all. Just cruisin' along taking in the scenery suckin up the smells (good and bad) wind in my face and bugs on my viser. I love it. I hear you long time riders laughing at my innocence and naivety. Hey ...if my positive attitude keeps me safe then I'll keep on thinking like that. Besides ...I have 'biker angels' with me all the time.
    My hubby doesn't like me going off by myself but still he encourages me. He has a toy car WRX and enjoys that... so do I but he really doesn't like bikes like I do.
    I had a good read of some of the ramblings of the participants of this forum and I am all inspired to take off. This is good! Helps me cope with all the life happening around while I wait for the time to come for me to buggar off on a trip somewhere longer than up the range and back. :)
  5. I did a 4000km ride in feb, and one of my concerns was fuel stops.

    Did some planning on the GPS, and thought I had it sorted.

    I actually found significantly more fuel stops available than indicated on the GPS.

    Only once was I riding along thinking 'please please' and that was because I didn't stop when I should've! (150kms before!)

    Thanks for the sites above though, they will come in handy!
  6. Further to those links and sorry one was a long one.

    If I am going to be in an area late I call before hand to make sure they will be open. I have been saved by doing this when told they close earlier than stated and once at Cobar when the BP shut down.

    Also GPS's are great but so far they are not very up to date or complete for us here in Australia (they are in the US) so I would not be relying on their POI (points of interest) being complete as mentioned above with more fuel stops than shown.

    If riding alone and short fuel range I would hope everyone carries at least a 4 or 5 litre oil container full of fuel just in case. They are easy to get and toss them in a wheelie when finished. Even 4 litres will get most bikes 60klm or more and better if you know thats all you got and ride smooth and slow until you get a full tank again.

    happy to be of help.
  7. good for u fellow kezza......enjoy the ride and maybe one day i'll be able to get back up ur way to join u.....

    oh, and welcome to the netrider family....
  8. Thank you all. I have to make a comment here after Davos last bit about carrying fuel. My love of bikes started at 40, when I was having the midlife crisis I wasn't having, all I wanted to do was hop on a Harley and go with nothing but a toothbrush in one pocket and a change of knickers in the other. There was nothing about extra fuel or bags or stuff I might need! I think it was your site Davo with a picture of a bike loaded up ready for the road with a load that would make a caravan proud! I mean no disrespect just having a chuckle at maybe my naivety. I reckon what I can't fit in a backpack that sits on my sissy bar I don't need anyway. Maybe I need a long trip to sort me out!! I don't think I'm up for those 1000k's a day rides though. Well I don't think I am . I am finding it all very interesting and I am learning heaps just reading this here site. Great stuff. By the way I didn't get a Harley...settled for a Honda Shadow 750. Reckon I'd have more chance of making a trip with a Honda!! he he he :p
  9. Kezza no offence taken, the "load" you saw in that pic is a bit deceiving as the bag on the rear seat is really hiding the Aux fuel tank thats its only purpose. Side panniers are stock for my bike so the onlt added bit is the rear top box. My trips are all solo and 7-10,000k at a time over 10-14days so I need gear for all types of weather, camera gear, lap top on most of the bigger rides to download pics etc and so on.

    Have fun on the road, I head to Darwin midnight of the 24th and back for 7500k
  10. Kezza - sounds like a plan for some zen riding - and a serious clear of the head.

    I didn't worry about fuel stops closing early - as I rode from about 7 till 6 each day only. Initially it was because of wildlife at night, but after hitting roos at 11am - realised there is no really safe time.

    Keep your eyes open for animals - they hurt!

    Because of the drought, there is a lot more stock alongside the road than normal - don't want to be surprised by a herd of cows in front of you!

    In my case, my wife has noticed I was seriously more well-adjusted after doing this - the 4 days is now enshrined per year, although it may be a week next year - as MY time. She is quite happy for me to take off again, as long as I come back.
  11. Peter, likewise with me. My wife sees the difference in me after my excursions and is happy to see me go..... :roll: I think thats a good thing hmmm
  12. You all sound as though you been at it for ever and I feel like a pre-schooler!
    Well all that is past...today I did the run mentioned above. 358 k round trip. There was no service station like it said on the map (I've told them about it) and so had an anxious moment however I didn't even need to flip over the reserve so I have longer range than I thought. I guess all these questions get answered with experience. The Towers was 247 ks from home that way and I still had reserve. The road is great by the way. Very quiet apart from the road trains on the Greg. Dev. Rd side. I slowed right down and got off the road into the dirt. They are antique roads up that way. I remember the days when it was like that from Gladstone to Townsville. Wasn't happy about that but really didn't want to mess with the trains. The country is lush....I can't remember seeing like that in the past. Still some remnants of water in some places . Hubby was glad to see me come home and was very proud of me...my son too! Now I am all tired and realize that a 1000k'er is definitely out of the question unless I get a month to do it!! Mackay and back next week end maybe. No stopping me now....I actually felt ok about being on my own too. Thought I might not be brave enough. Just love my bike. :grin:
  13. well done kezz, you're braver than me.....
  14. :) Thanks kezza01. Hey, brave is probably not the correct word! When I was umming and ahhing about getting a bigger bike (I was too old ,too fat, too poor, too blind etc 'Too's disease) a friend of mines daughter sent us an email. Her signature was 'If your not living on the edge your taking up too much space'. It was upon reading that I went out and traded my 250ER K'saki for my Shadow. She by the way was training for the Olympics. Tabogin thinggy= headfirst down a mountain slope at 160k's! I reckon riding a bike is easier than that!! It blew my husbands mind to think a little phrase could turn me around. He's great...it was him who 'pushed' me into a bike, wanting me to live my dream. Being a mum etc I was happy enough to just have a dream about it. There are some good ones left out there!! :applause:
    I am reluctant to join a club as rocking up on my own ...well I am not single and besides I don't think there is any room in my life for more clubs and things so I guess I am happy cruising around maybe tagging along impromptu like. My first longish ride was from Townsville to Ravenswood. There was an accident on the way. A group of bikers (wont say their name) about 30 of them when one made a mistake and took out another, Bikes all over the place! My friend asked me if I wanted to go on. I asked if they needed help and can I do anything and she said no and then I said, what are waiting for...lets hit the road!! I certainly wasn't going to let something like that stop me!
    Maybe we will have a ride somewhere one day. I am planning a trip to NSW next year. Would love to say I'm doing it Davos way but don't think I have the stamina. I want to do western NSW down to Sale Vic. then up the coast road to Newcastle , inland to Coona and back up to sunny NQ. No time frame yet. Need to have a few more stints like yesterday to build me up. There is plenty of time...I am only a baby. Ran into a chick at a servo a few weeks back. She was 63 and has ridden all around USA a couple of years back. Now that inspired me! :cool:
  15. Kezza if rides like that impress you take a read about Ardys Kellerman in the US. This lady is amazing, she just completed a 100,000 MILE year.


    Voni who wrote the article is no slouch either, both great riders.
  16. I have just briefly looked at the article...I have gone all goosey. I was only thinking this morning that I have to get busy and make up for some lost time. Maybe not after looking at that fine lady. I am a ways of that age but geez ...it rocks up fast. Thank you for the direction and inspiration. I am all full of of it today...gratitude... after my ride! :grin:
  17. www.whereis.com

    go to the 'get directions' tab and insert to and from locations and down the bottom you can select 'show place' and 'service stations'. It will give you a map of where you are going and where all the service stations are along the way. :wink: :grin:
  18. Now that is an awesome site too. One up on the RACQ. Well...after reading all about Queenie Kellerman I am siting here thinking to myself where to next? I don't have a Beema but as I don't know the difference I'll never know what I am missing will I! I have cut and pasted a photo of Queenie and will place her on my 'dream chart'. Thanks guys and gals....you are all awesome. Went and saw Wild Hogs a few weeks back ...good for a laugh but the most important thing I picked up out of that bit of silliness was....'ditch the watch'. Well maybe on an endurance you might need to keep an eye on the time!! :p
  19. nah, time is over-rated.....if you can just cruise - that would be the way i'd love to do it.....

    meanwhile, let me know any time you're planning to come down this way (and i'll let you know if i come your way) so we can organise a ride together maybe....

    i kinda like group rides - particularly with the guys down this way - cause they are great to ride with, reasonable sized groups, and they are happy to help me potter along at a pace i can manage - while organising rides that will stretch me that little bit too.....