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Fuel Problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by patske, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Hey guys I have a fzr250 I believe they are supposed to hold around 14ltrz 12+2 in res I think. Now This has happend to me before and again while on my way to work today. The bike starts putting and having a real delay on from when I put the throttle on to power to the wheel. Last time it happend my step dad said it was out of fuel but looking in the tank it looked alright I switched it to reserve and all was good I went to a petty station and only fit 9.5 litres in it, maybe could have fit 10 but that would have been pushing it. So now the same thing has happened to me today but the bike has only done 90Kms since I filled it up that last time, I am a learner and I am revving tha bike a hell of alot but I'm still learning. So yeah is this just normal cuz I'm learning? or do I have a problem?

  2. what petrol are you running ?

    when was your last tune up ?
  3. damn patske i feel sorry for you..

    my bike has been running to around 280kms or more but i always fill up before reserve..

    i still think its dodgy that your mates 'good cond' bike is completely fckd once u get it :s
  4. yeah I dunno aye, I use PULP from whatever fuel station I get to it's normally Shell Optimax though since that's the closest. But yeah it should run better hey. My last tune was supposed to have been about 2 weeks ago the guy said he balanced the carbs and tuned them but he also said he couldn't get the bike started so he was unable to go any further. He did lean out the bike a little though it used to run so rich that twisting the throttle too much when you start it would flood it, but now it's alot better and needs the choke to start in the cold (b4 it never needed choke), I haven't checked the spark plugs since he changed them so I'll do that when I get home. Deff should run more than 90 k's though
  5. 90ks? Something ain't right there.

    Not sure how the reserves a hooked up but do they use a seperate fuel line? Thinking a clogged/kinked fuel line maybe?
  6. First, don't use shell Optimax. Many documented threads and even advice on the Shell website not to use Optimax in older carbied bikes.

    Second, if you are saying you are getting about 90ks with 9.5 to 10 litres of fuel, definately a problem here, now way can the bike use that much fuel naturally. My old Across and even my new VTR which is a thirstly beast even had better fuel economy than that . You may have a fuel leak somewhere. Couple of obvious places to look, the fuel tap, fuel lines (may show up only under pressure, while running) and around the tank.
  7. as ashes said above
    it shouldnt use that much in 90 k's
    have you got any fuel leaks?
    change your plugs to start.
    check your fuel lines
    check to see if the motor isnt flooding , if he has leaned it off then i would say that might be right , if you now need the choke to start it
  8. okay shit well hopefully that 10 ltrs of optimax I put in won't fark it.
    I'll go to a caltex this arvo b4 I go home hopefully I can reach it ony my res tank. But yeah I'm either just revving too much cuz I'm a newb or I have a serious problem I had a leaky fuel tap but I fixed that, the rubber ring insde was stretched so I replaced it and it stopped leaking, there migh be another one somewhere.

    Where would some other places to look for leaks be?
  9. check anywhere the fuel line has a join or connection. then the lines themselves (for splits)
  10. Firstly I agree with groberts. Don't use Optimax. It will foul plugs.

    You may have already fouled one or more and that may be your poor fuel economy.

    Having said that I doubt that is the problem.

    to me it sounds like float levels or a stuck needle.

    After you get rid of the optimax and put new plugs in it, if the problem still exists, firts make sure all 4 cyclinders are firing.

    If they are, then you will have to pull off the carbies, check the float needles are clean and in OK condition, then set the float height.

    Of course if one of your plugs isn't firing then our problem lies there
  11. how do I check that they are all firing, Is it enough to just check the exhaust pipes coming from each cylinder?

    Can I conclude that if it's hot it's firing if it's not it aint.?
  12. I know a lot of mechanics are recommending BP Ultimate for cars...not sure about bikes though.

    but Shell and Caltex isn't crash hot for your car either.
  13. I won't make it to a BP from where I work, or a Mobil =\
  14. well only put enough in ya tank to get to one then

    how does it run on normal unleaded??? if its ok..you could use normal until you can get to a mobil/BP
  15. Pull a plug out. Put it in the end of the lead and put the threaded section to earth( metal part of the part (unpainted enging metal is best)).

    now hit the starter motor.

    You should get a strong blue spark.

    Do it in a darkish place and don't get the spark to close to the plug hole as there will be some air/fuel mixture there even with the tank off.

    I run BP 95 at the moment and am not having problems. The plug is a little sooty at the base but not at the tip where it counts.
  16. hrmm okay well actually I can probably make it to a mobil, so I'll give the mobil 8000 a go.
  17. I think you'll find ULP is better for your 250 than PULP - unless you've had it tuned for premium. Rough-running, hard to start, stalling at the lights, etc, are all the symptoms I experienced running PULP in my 250. Back to regular, and she purrs. :)
  18. does it matter much if I mix a fuel? I have a little bit of optimax in there now, can I mix it up with mobil ULP? and is it okay to try a few different fuels throughout my course of running the bike?
  19. should be..the more you put in of Mobil etc the more it will dilute the OPTIMAX.

    you could even try a 50/50 mux of ULP/PULP. mixe of economy/performance