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Fuel Mapping Systems??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by The17thPope, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Just checking for some more grunt for my VTR SP2.

    I've not done a whole lot of research yet is there any understanding out there of the best mapping device for my SP2??

    I know of a Nitrox (which seems Cheap & Nasty) and a Power Commander 3 or 5??

    Any thoughts on this as I'm after some drop the throttle wheel popping action.

    ATM, the bike is vast, yet wil only pop if running high for a bit then flipping.
    Am after some 2nd gear 4000 drop the throttle wheel lifting and I've been told this can help.



  2. just go down 5 teeth on the front.
  3. Fill the handlebars with helium.
  4. You should be able to power wheelie an SP2 off the throttle, my TRX will.

    Get moving, chop the throttle, then slam it open!

    Job's right. Free too!
  5. I am now enjoying chewing more tread on my rear in 1st & 2nd. I think I was just unsure about how to use the power on this thing. Lately my inhebitions have unwound and this bike truly is an animal!

    Would still like to get a Power Commander on it. Anyone suggest a PC3 or a PC5?

    God loves an SP2
  6. Yeah, SP1/2 is definately on my must ride list, if not my must own list!

    From what I understand, the PC5 has more adjustment than the 3, but whether you can use/need that much adjustment is another matter. The 3 is cheaper.

    I would suggest calling someone who installs them, I think Dynoverks do, haven't used them, but I've heard good things. www.dynoverks.com.au
  7. Hahaha ! Love it ! Just one tooth down makes a difference, trust me.
    But 5 teeth down would not only shave off a significant amount of top speed, but give you 'wheelie-power' like no tomorrow :)
  8. Think you'll find the PC5 is only good for 2009 models onwards.......PC111 will do the job nicely but add in the outlay of an extra $300 for a full dyno and custom map to make it all worthwhile.............
  9. I'm in for this!

    Nice work Dazzler. And I thought raising a forum topi wouldn't get much of a response.
    I'll call him first thing to get a slot.


    Nice work.


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