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Fuel Leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kraven, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody...yes i have another problem :(

    My bike has been running fine lately.. until this morning

    I ran out of fuel on the way to work and thinking there was nothing else wrong i filled up a jerry can and emptied it into the fuel tank, I then tried starting the bike and i heard a small pop sound and around this time fuel started coming out of a hose just below the carbs(I'm 95% sure it was coming from there and only started leaking after i put new fuel in and tried to start it).
    Does anyone know what has happened and how to fix it, I'd really like to try and fix it myself with taking it to a mechanic as a last resort.

    Pics of the hose where fuel was leaking out of, i'm pretty sure it was only the left tube....


  2. Sounds like you have sucked some gunk into the carbie from the tank. Give the carbie a couple of light whacks with a screwdriver (near the float bowl) it should hopefully clear it.
  3. yeah i agree , the hose you are pointing too is the overflow tube , the gunk may be stuck in the needle and seat causing flooding , that was probably the popping sound you heard ( a little blowback through the carby)
  4. Thanks for the quick repiles,
    If the needles are clogged will spraying a few shots of pressurised air in there unclog them?

    I won't have time to try to fix it until thursday but i'll give both suggestions a shot and hopefully that will be that. :)
  5. Howdy Kraven, Sorry was on kitchen goddess duties. Blowing pressurised air up the outflow tube won't do it. If you must put pressurised air anywhere it would be through the supply line - not too much and it will blow fuel into the engine and flood it - terribly! Just try a few light whacks on the float bowl with the blade of the screwdriver as suggested before. This may dislodge the gunk from the needle and seat. If all else fails pull the carbies off and clean them out!
  6. Thanks for the advice 748Girl & rumpy it worked a treat and now the bike is running fine again albeit with a pretty rough idle but i'm hoping that is just dirty plugs and will sort itself out over the next few days.
  7. Kraven, thats a pleasure. Well it wasn't for you, I am sure it was all a bit worrying really. When I first saw your message I thought "oooh oooh I know this one!" It will idly roughly at first, just take it out and give it a good caning (obeying the speed limits, of course!). The gunk may have moved into the main jet and may clear itself it may not.
  8. your'e welcome :wink: