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Fuel injection?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by lord nykon, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Random question
    A mate of mine is changing his car to fuel injection…
    Could I possibly do that to my “baby blade”
    i am a little way off getting my unrestricted’s
    and I think fuel injection would give me a bit of a power boost and when it comes time to sell her it would be a grate trump card.
    A fuel injected 250.

    Is it possible?
    Would it be worth doing?
    Am I dreaming?
  2. short answer no. its not just a matter of changing carby. you need injectors and mixers that will fit your intake manifold, computer, sensors, efi fuel pump, etc... even a 919 hornet injection system is not easy to swap on 900rr even though they have the same block. or a f4i cannot be easily retrofitted to an f4 even though they are very similar.

    if you want resale value, don't crash and keep the bike nice.
  3. Yup ... you would never recoup the cost outlay for changing to to FI, and probably spoil teh resale more than improve it.
  4. i have a cbr myself, and i dont see the point of modifying anything in that bike. The bike itself goes really well.

    You might want to get your jets rejetted and clean up (and balance) the carbies to restore its original power. But before you do, get yourself some nulon total fuel system cleaner. Bung 150mls of that in a full tank of petrol, and you will notice a major difference.
  5. Thanx
    its not so much that its not running well
    I got it running better then when I brought it
    It was just a thort
    I love my bike the way she is
    Its totally awesome
    I am going to be sad to let her go when its finally time to sell her

    But getting on a bike that can pull the ¼ in half the time will make up for it :)
  6. EFI doesn't do much except get you past emissions. You'll not see a power increase
  7. not sure where you can get the FI for your CBR250 but can't imagine the cost to buy and set it up. since you're off your restriction soon, best bet is to sell your 250 and get a factory fitted FI bike eg 600F4i
  8. yes it is possible but you'd realy have to way up $$$ spent.
    And it's only throttle body injection, fitting direct injection is a whole diferent ball game.

    I'm in the throws of changing injection on a Nissan SR20, i'm using the WOLF 3D http://www.wolfems.com.au/

    and let me just say it's an experiance.
  9. Of course its possible; pretty much anything is with enough application and funds.

    I ran a Alfa 75 a while ago and I fitted my own fuel injection control. Granted it is a car and it is already injected so the manifold and injectors are sorted from factory, but it ain't that hard to manufacture/obtain these. I used the MegaSquirt diy controller board: http://www.megasquirt.info , http://www.msefi.com

    We had a meet up of local MS runners and there was a bloke their who was running it on a bike. The most difficult part will be the seat of the pants tuning you need to do. Easy in a car with a laptop and mate but a tad more difficult on a bike.
  10. I'm interested to now where you found a non-EFI SR20
  11. Sorry its the way i wrote it :oops: what i was trying to say was i'm changing it and THATS bad enough. (bigger bodies etc)

    Any one know anything about mapping a wolf 3D for an SR20???
  12. WTF....double post......
  13. This is why I chose the open source EFI option. There is a really good community with solutions to all the problems you encounter. A lot of base maps also being given out. And just general shared knowledge, which helped me to learn about EFI as a total newbie and with the equivalent mechanical skills of an Amish chap.

    I don't know much about the Wolf3D, but you may be able to take one of the MegaSquirt maps (if someone has made one for a SR20 available) and look at its VE tuning graphs and mark up a similar graph on the Wolf3D as a starting point. Then its just a case of seat of the pants tuning.
  14. ive already had a good thought about this and its just not worth it. the cost to make it EFI, will cost you so much that u could buy urself a 600.

    i keep reading on forums about rejetting. what the hell is that? is it expensive?
  15. No not realy if some one has already done it to the same bike as yours, you just rejet the same as they did.

    Start with a decent aftermarket air filter, some jets (a few bucks each) and a dyno.