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fuel injection?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tack, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. I was wondering what year fuel injection started to become the 'norm' on sportsbikes? In other words if I was to look for a 600 to 1000cc bike from say 1994???(for example)...then most likely...all the peformance bikes of that year would be fuel injected (obviously with some exceptions but more the minority).

    I thought there was already a thread that asked this question...but I can't find it.

    Anyone know of a good site for bike specs (of sports bikes post 1990), one that lists stuff including wheel and tyres sizes/weights/fuel injected or carbies/power and torque

  2. have a 98 Hornet, still carbies.....
  3. ok...maybe if I limited the field ...just to "super" sports bikes....not nakeds or tourers or exotic italian made....say jap bikes...Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki?
  4. Late 1990's early 2000's is the time frame.
    Sorry can't be more specific than that as different manufacturers came on board at different times.

    That said, Kawasaki had a fuel injected GPZ1100 around 1986 from memory!!!

    And Honda was experimenting with a fuel injected 2 stroke 250 in the mid-1980's too!
  5. From memory, evolution of Japanese bike EFI went like this,

    1991-Honda NR750; unobtainable tour-de-force status symbol
    1993-Yamaha GTS1000; weirdo clash of futuristic chassis tech and an FZR1000 engine.
    1994-Honda RC45; overpriced WSB-homologation race-rep.
    1997-Suzuki TL1000S; first mass-produced Japanese sportsbike with efi.
    1998-Suzuki TL1000R; first mass produced Japanese sportsbike with dual injectors per cylinder.
    -Suzuki GSX-R750; first mass-produced Japanese four-cylinder sportsbike with efi.
    -Honda VFR800; first mass-produced Japanese sportstourer with efi.
    1999-Honda CBR1100XX, Suzuki Hayabusa, Yamaha R7.
    2000-Kawasaki ZX-12R, Honda CBR900RR.
    2001-Suzuki GSX-R600; first Japanese 600 with efi. GSX-R1000 comes out.
    2002-Yamaha R1 sprouts efi.

    It wasn't until last year that efi became the norm on Japanese bikes.
  6. Excellent, but the GPZ1100 predates all of those by a considerable margin.
  7. try going to :


    select english version

    they are fairly good but dont relay heavily on search browse by brand etc

    hope this helps ya find your baby