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Fuel Injection Question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Lurk, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. I was told at coffee night last week that my smelled fuelly. When I replied that I havent had it tuned since I put the pipe on I was advised that the fuel injection retunes itself.

    Now my question is how does the fuel injection know to alter itself.
    My bike does not have and O2 sensor in the exhaust pipe. (A fact that I did not mention at the time cause I wasnt sure, The O2 sensor on the 2003 fireblade was fitted on the californian models only)

    Since the pipe was installed the bike smells like its running rich. Do I need to get it retuned or will the bike as I have been told, adjust.
  2. Any Pipes and Air mods do need a check on the dyno.

    I have the same problem at the moment, but havent had the time to get there.
  3. I always thought the O2 sensor was the only way the ECU knows if it's running lean or rich :? So I'm guessing without it, it couldn't adjust?
  4. Most ECU need to be adjusted. It can't do it itself which is a dam shame.
  5. You need to have the EFI re-mapped to suit the current zorst.

    I added a power commander to the SP1 and all I had to do was to connect the lap top to it, upload a map, test, adjust, remap, test, adjust, remap, test....... FWOAR!!!!! That will do. :)
  6. As all of the above replies have illinformed or erroneus areas can I suggest that a professional opinion from an authority in the field would benefit all and can be obtained by contacting GSX14 Mike either at work or home or via pm. His attempt to post a reply was thwarted by an inferior internet connection!

    Boy is this going to get me in the sh1t with all of the above respondents! Oh well such is life!

    The only difference between a rut & a grave is the depth!
  7. So what I posted is wrong?
    The fact that my EFI mapping need to be changed to suit my new zorst was wrong?

    Your obsession with GSX14 Mike is amazing.

    *shakes head*
  8. Did a Dyno of the bike find why the bike wasn't being fuelled right? Was there an easy fix to the problem?
  9. It was nearly 3 years ago!! :LOL:
  10. The ability of the fuel injection system to automatically retune itself depends on the quality of the fuel injection system and sensors, the size of the modifications being made and the damage done to things like oxygen sensors during the self-retune process.

    Remember manufacturers want you to pay their mechanics to service your bike, and want to build the cheapest EFI system that will do the job on a stock bike.

    They dont want to pay $100 extra for each EFI computer so you can heavily modify the bike and only do filter and oil changes for most of it's life.

    As such it sounds like some manual intervention is required.

    If it's using that much extra fuel anyway the service will quickly pay for itself.