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Fuel Injection light comes back on after 5 mins of riding

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MeltingDOg, May 22, 2013.

  1. I bought a brand new Kawasaki W800 and have owned for about 2 months. This week I noticed that the fuel injection light comes back on after about 5 mins riding. If I turn the bike off and then let the fuel rails charge again its ok.

    However, the FI system seems to gurgle when the rails are charging rather then 'purr'. The bike has always done this from new and I have only ever riddin one other FI bike so I didnt think much of it, but is this not good?

    I also know the W800 was recalled, needing the bearings in the fuel pump replaced. I rang my dealer and they said this was done (but maybe not?)

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Is it still under warranty?? > Yes, 2mths old > stealer has a service / warranty to problem to resolve....
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  3. Agree with Mike, New bike, warranty, its the dealers problem.
  4. maybe they didn't do a very good job
  5. does the owners manual tell you how to read fault codes and then translate them?

    it is usually done with some varied startup sequence and some lights being flashed at you the flash sequence then translates to a system fault e.g. low pressure, pump failure etc.
  6. If it's intermittent I would say a loose lead or faulty program in the ecu. They can get bugs.
    Usually the efi light comes on when the mixture isn't reading the same at the ecu to the sensor...
  7. If it's consistently after 5 minutes, it might also be something like the ECU thinking that the coolant isn't up to temp (=> coolant temp sensor issue), or the O2 sensor isn't returning reliable readings, or any one of a number of things that the ECU might be programmed to give a delay before reporting as a problem.

    I'm with the others, take it to the dealer; they'll be able to read off the fault codes, and should be able to fix whatever the issue is under warranty.
  8. In the owners manual there should be a section on how to refuel... it's probably right after the part about how to start it and the recommendation to ride with both wheels on the ground for best braking performance.... you will probably need to refuel it every couple of months (y)
  9. Go directly to dealer, do not pass any forum or collect any misinformation...

    Dude it's a brand spanker bike, go to the dealer. This is the beauty of having a brand new bike, it breaks and it's not your problem to fix it.
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  10. What @cazzo said, end of story.
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