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Fuel Injection cleaning.....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sir Skuffy, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Simple request. I need to clear out the fuel injection on the GSX1400. The bike was in storage for about 5 to 6 weeks (being repaired) and the fuel that was in it was Optimax - Yes, mistake, but there was nothing else available at the time.

    The bike is running fine but I do detect a slight reduction in performance that is due to "dirty injector" which are "gummed" up due to the Optimax. Now, you can buy products for the car that clears injectors, what can I use on the bike?????


    Thanks in advance
  2. Any car FI repairer will have a Ultrasonic injector cleaner but I think your over reacting if the bike only stood for 5 weeks.
  3. What he means is he's getting a slight hesitation as he changes from second to third while wheelstanding off the lights :LOL:
  4. Hey pete, thanks for the feedback.

    Naaaa, not an over-reaction. The bike runs fine but feels a little down on power..... Prior to the repair (nothing done to the motor except changin oil) it was a little fresher feeling. After the repair, she is feeling a little tired. I experienced similar things with the Motards when left for a while with fuel in the tank.

    But, you may be correct... Any recommendations?

  5. Fresh tank of non-devils-spawn petrol and an italian tune up.
  6. I think youd do more good if you balanced the throttel bodies and fitted a new air filter rather than pulled out your injectors and gave someone $300 to clean them.
  7. A lot of the "fuel injector cleaners" sold commercially are basically just kero.
  8. Hey Pete,

    The throttle bodies were balanced by Brisbane Dyno Tune - with the exhaust, K&N Filter and TRE.... :grin:
  9. Did they stick a Yoshi box on it and fatten it up a bit?

    Did they give you a print out of the Dyno. If so is there a dip around 4000rpm or just a straight line up to max RPM?
  10. Hey pete,

    Yep, the did the dyno's and there was no "gap" at the 4000rpm range.... It became a little messy when reaching max.......
  11. Good morning all and thanks for feedback.

    This where we currently stand:
    1. Poured Motorex Fuel Conditioner (all in Swedish / German)
    2. Filled tank with BP Ultima
    3. Ratio worked out 100:1
    4. Ran the bike in higher revs all the way to melbourne.... 1,000 RPM above normal
    5. waaaalaaaaaaa..... She is running magnificent....

    Very happy this morning.