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Fuel injected Trumpy running lean

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hurrypants, May 23, 2009.

  1. G'day all. First post here looking for a bit of info regarding new '09 Thruxton 900 I just bought. Only mod is a set of Staintune cans. The bike ran beautifully at first but as I put on a few k's (up to 550 now, still running in) it gradually began to backfire on decelleration, run hot and surge when trying to hold constant throttle at slow speeds ie 40-60 kph 2nd or 3rd gear. I've booked it in with the dealer as it obviously is running lean, but what I was wondering is why this would occur? They supposedly loaded the correct map when changing the exhausts, and as I said it ran fine at first. Also should I be concerned that it has done these few k's lean and hot. Likely to be any lasting damage done? Cheers. Russell

  2. Thanks Chris. O2 sensor did seem like a probable cause to me too. I'll just have to wait and see what the dealer says. I'm just hoping that there hasn't been any subtle damage done that might show itself in years to come, ie premature engine failure etc
  3. Does it run lean with the stock cans on? Put them back on and if it runs properly then that's your problem. You may need to get it tuned/mapped with the new cans to run correctly. Could be close to lean from the factory and the cans just pushed it over the edge.

    edit: oops, missed the bit about correct map being loaded already. I'd still try the stock cans, and even ask them to put stock mapping back in - will tell you if that's the problem or not.
  4. Are you using the same fuel from the same servo?
    After market cans often pop on the over run.

    O2 sensor or throttle position sensor for my money though.
  5. Thanks

    Cheers for the replies and suggestions. The bikes going back to the dealer tomorrow so I'll see what they have to say. If I am still having issues afterwards I'll give your suggestion a go DrewBytes and put the stock mufflers back on. Great idea. Don't think it's a fuel quality issue 2wheelsagain. I run it on 95 octane pulp, and even though I do buy only one brand, I get it from wherever I find a servo, so not from the same source. Anyway I'll see what tomorrow brings and keep my fingers crossed regarding any lasting engine damage.
  6. Backfiring

    Give Charlie @ Turn One in Kensington a call. Knows Triumphs inside out.
  7. update

    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Took the bike back to the dealer (Peter Stevens Geelong). They had it for 2 days and after changing tune, no fix, checking MAP sensors, no fix, assorted other checks, no fix, they found the left and right O2 sensors swapped over in wiring loom :!: Now fixed :grin: I think the early smooth running can only be put down to my being unfamiliar and overly cautious with the new bike. Very happy now and definately full of praise for dealership and staff. Very courteous, knowledgable and tenacious. Now, back to the roads.