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Fuel in the oil

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by snuff3r, Oct 6, 2011.

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    My Daytona 675, with 1900km on the clock has had the check engine light on for several days now. I thought maybe out was the exup but the exhaust volume still seems to vary. I checked the oil and I think I smell fuel in it. Is there anything that would cause this? I might be being paranoid...

  2. leaking fuel injector? Running way too rich?

    Are you doing a lot of short trips?

    I recently changed out my thermostat because the bike was running too cold and running a little back on the enrichment circuit. How are your temps? If it's doing that it could be running rich enough to get fuel in the oil. Could be doing damage too, because the fuel cleans the oil off the cylinder walls.

    Lot of guess work here.
  3. here's some more

    faulty fuel tap??
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    Yeah, lotta of short trips. My commute is only about 3km each way. It runs hot but thats my bike from what I understand.

    The dealer is going to run diags over it at lunch. I guess I'll find out soon...
  5. I'm betting you're not getting fully out of the warm up cycle. Need to take the long way to work.

    Or ride a push bike and keep the trumpy for the weekend.
  6. Yeah, the old culprites like leaking fuel taps and needle valves wouldn't do it. EFI is good for that.

    A small amount of fuel gets into the oil on everything, but usually not enough that the oil smells funny.
  7. :oops: d'oh that's right, sorry, ignore my last statement
  8. I used to walk to work on a daily basis. I haven't walked since getting the bike though.

    Now I'm getting tubbier 8-[
  9. Took it down and they ran diagnostics on it. It was the exhaust valve which needs lubricating. Warranty job. They cleared the error and told me to bring it in some time on the next fortnight to get it fixed up.

    I was being paranoid about the fuel in the oil. It's all good.
  10. Ok, good news.... but a 3km commute is not a good thing, I dont ride my bike for the 4.5km commute very often because it never warms up properly and tends to increase deposits in the intake.