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fuel gauges?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by josh909, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. i thought i'd put this in the new riders forum seeeing as though it applies to most 250s...

    why don't the 250s have fuel gauges? i'm sure there's an obvious reason but for the life of me i can't think of it???

  2. Because they're being cheap gits springs to mind.
  3. The OEM probably indicates cost. However, having said that I'm sure that the float and indicators on a mass produced bike would cost next to nothing (economies of scale) and could easily be passed onto the customer without affecting the final sale price of the bike. I wouldn't have thought that it would be too expensive.
  4. Not just 250's but most bikes.

    probably becasue its hard to get a level in a bike tank.

    I'd have to have a very slow reation time and be an average over a period of time.

    Must be able to be done ovf course, because a lot of tourers and sports tourers have them these days
  5. i was under the impression that no bike had a fuel gauge for the reason that it's works of a float style setup, and because you lean a bike over it is for ever changing? Could be wrong though
  6. Use your odometer.

    If you work out how far you can get on a tank then make sure you fill up 20klm's or so before reaching reserve.
  7. that's what i do at the moment - when the odo gets past 200km i fill up. sometimes i'll be practically on empty and other times she'll only need just over half a tank - guess it all depends on the type of riding i've been doing ;)
  8. The best fuel gages use volumetric pressure and are therefore unaffected by the attitude of the bike.

    Disclaimer: I just made that s**t up!
  9. Run it right up to reserve. Thats what it's for on a bike. You just need to know how long it roughly runs after reaching reserve.

    Most bike tanks can get about 30k's ofter switching the reserve on.
  10. linennoise is pretty right, josh. 250's are built down to a very competitive price. Even the smallest addition to the range of standard equipment could make a difference. Yes, I know that they probably cost 50c to make, but, multiply that by a coupla hundred thousand bikes or more, and that eats into the profit margin.

    And they don't want to overload a 250 with features because, otherwise you wouldn't want to sell it and get something better that has MORE features!!!
  11. i've had two bikes go through my garage that have had fuel gauges, my bandit 250 and my GFs XJR400. that leaves a Z250, GPX250, YZF600R, GSXR750, GSXR1100, ZXR750 and ZX7R all without them. some bikes are lucky enuff to have a warning light but most will just have a dying motor to tell you that you need to switch to reserve, or if you already have, to find a servo ASAP! :LOL:

    its not just 250s, so we all learn that odometers are wonderful things on a motorbike :D
  12. I can't imagine I'd ever want a fuel gauge. They're never particularly accurate anyway, so I'd still be looking in the fuel tank to see how much I really had. It doesn't take long to get a rough idea how far you can go with a tank.
  13. My Balius has a fuel gauge and I'm so glad it does!
  14. I was told by my L's instructor that reserve preferably was not to be used as a lot of the crap from the tank can settle down there...

    I've seen two bikes with fuel gages tho, my mates GPz 750 and my other mates Yammy SRX 250... the racing postie...
  15. Current cbr600rr's have fuel gauges
  16. :idea:
    do the math
    ride about 100 km and fill up
    say it takes 6L to top it and you have an 18L tank
    then you can run about 300 km on a tank (but i wouldn't try) :LOL: :LOL:
  17. He's right if you are running it within a litre of empty, but bike reserves are a long way above that.

    There are designed to have the reserve turned on regully.
  18. Yes they are so don't worry.

    However, it's always wise to fill up as soon after you run onto reserve as you can so that you DON'T get into the crud zone at the bottom of the tank.
  19. The 12's "reserve" is when the last bar of the fuel guage starts flashing.. Once that happens it's got about 30kms odd left... Much more pleasant than stuttering along the road reaching for the reserve switch..

    I've had bikes without guages and I do get the whole 'watching my odometer' thing, but having the guage is the lazy man's option :D. I like the ZZR1100's analog guage better than the 12's digital one but either way its nice to know how much is left in the tank. Especially if you've been varying between thrashing the tits off it and country cruising..

  20. My CB750 doesn't have a gauge. Is it possbile to get an aftermarket one and fit it? If not I will just have to learn to know when my bike needs more fuel.