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fuel gauge - v star 650

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Mendy, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Is it possible to get (aftermarket) fuel gauge for v star 650 ?
    If so, would it be easy to install?

  2. I've not seen anything for the VStar 650 but there are some varieties for Harleys with LEDs in a replacement filler cap. Perhaps these could be modded for a Yamaha?

    Kuryakyn Informer

  3. Thanks for the link.
  4. Aftermarket fuel gauges for motrcycle are very hard to come by and are very expensive.As well through my own research some of the aftermarket guages may not be compatiable to your bikes tank-fuel sender units.
    I have look into for my V Star 950,as I have to calculate my fuel consumption.
    Check out these websites they may help,www.motosens -www.customcruisers
    Good luck
  5. I find that my XVS650, I get a pretty consistent 270-280km with about 340-350km clicking over to reserve.

    I live in the Dandenongs and commute to the City, so a bit of up n downhill but no consistent start/stopping.
  6. I'm not getting quite that much - between 20 and 21 km per litre, mostly country roads riding. We've got a 15 litre tank right ? Including reserve?

    But yeah the best approach is to work out your economy for different riding conditions, and set the trip counter when you fill up (and remember to switch back from reserve!) This method won't be any more inaccurate than a fuel cap with 5 LEDs that light up.
  7. thanks for the info guys.
  8. Hi Kreuzer,

    I think we have a 16 litre tank 12+4

    Edit: I weigh 63kg
  9. Hey Hoppie thanks for that, I'm 77kg at the moment which could explain the better mileage you're getting.
  10. That is a pretty damn cool idea right there... from someone who had to switch over to reserve and kickstart a dry bike in the middle of bourke st today ](*,)
  11. Uh, resurrection of this thread......any idea how far we can get on the reserve tank? Had to switch to reserve mid-sydney harbour bridge this morning, just wanna make sure I can get back over tonight!
  12. Yeah, i wouldn't mind knowing either. Accidentally ran out and the engine stalled mid intersection, almost got me cleaned up by some SUV's. Ironically we had to stop to let an ambo go by.

    I was told about 220k's for a full tank (no reserve) but i havnt been riding enough to really test this out, only had the bike a few weeks. That'd give you about 30k's on reserve before you're really in trouble.
  13. My bike gets me approx 200km's before I run out, but I have a hypercharger and custome pipes, so guessing I burn more fuel.

    Yestrday, the reserve got me around 15km's and didn't show any signs of being depleted.

    Normally costs $17 to fill up from close to empty....she took $21 of fuel last night.
  14. I used to get 230-250 out of the main tank, and the most I squeezed out of the reserve (as much as I dared) was 30kms. I've never run out of fuel on my 650.

    This was mostly freeway though...
  15. Just resurecting this thread instead of starting a new one.

    How do I check the oil level on my V-Star? Anyone? There doesn't appear to be an oil check window anywhere. Gears are clunking more they they did when I change, so a bit concerned it may need oil.
    Also, what kinda oil? (probably a question I should have asked when I bought it)
  16. Does it have a dip stick, screw the oil filler plug out, it should have one on there,
  17. Down the left hand side of the bike (as you sit on the bike), under the floorboard you will see the oil window......it's right down the bottom, so very hard to see it when the bike is on the side stand. Perhaps get somebody to sit the bike up straight, and have a look.

    At least that is where it is on the Classic, but I can't imagine the Custom would be any different.

  18. A dipstick? I didn't even know bikes had that, learn something new every day.

    Ok, under the floorboard, I haven't looked there, searched everywhere else.

    Thanks guys!
  19. Oh yeh, any idea on the type of oil it'd take? (know next to nothing about mechanics)
  20. I'm sure you'll get plenty of oil advise but just download the Owners manual for your bike from here and you'll find all you need to know.
    Oh they also have the service manual there as well which is worth while getting too....