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Fuel Gauge Not Working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Alexy23, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a Suzuki GSX250F and as it appears both the fuel gauges for the tank and res tank are not working. When the ignition is switched to on the lights do come on and illuminate but when the bike is running and I am low on fuel I get no lights indicating that it is low and I am constantly having to wait till I hit res tank to realise I need fuel.

    Any suggestions would be great, I checked below the tank and can see that both gauges are in the tank but I am not yet game enough to remove the tank for further inspection.

    Any points at which the wiring could go wrong would be great to know, is there a box which interprets the reading from the fuel gauge and turns on the lights?
  2. Probably float sensor is kaput. If not try reseating all the connections and cleaning them with contact cleaner stuff.
  3. Just found a plug that connects the fuel sensor and I disconnected it and put a screwdriver in to short circut and fuel light came on.

    So it seems the sensors are gone.

    Is it possible to clean them at all, this is just a standard empty sensor that checks to see if it is surrounded with fuel or not, does not use floats from what I know.
  4. hit it with a hammer
  5. As a temporary (permanent?) fix, you can do what the rest of us do. Fill up your tank, reset the trip meter, ride until you need to switch to reserve. Remember what's on the trip meter then go fill up before the reserve runs out. Each time you fill your tank (completely), reset the trip meter so you know roughly how far you have to go until you need reserve. Allow a margin for error if you don't like having to use the reserve.
  6. ^^ exactly what i'm doing ATM With the across; mysterious non workage of several lights has caused this.
  7. (y)

    That's exactly what we do on the KLR .... no fuel guage at all, all done by trip meter. Actually very reliable once you've worked out when you'll have to switch to reserves.

    All the same, having a handy feature light the fuel warning light go on the fritz is no fun at all.

  8. But don't run out in the middle of Citylink with no chance to switch over.. like I did LOL.
  9. I'm comfortable switching while riding, and with my bike anyway, you start to feel it losing power a km or so before it actually dies. I did have one embarrassing moment though when I turned the tap the wrong way (to 'off' rather than 'reserve'), in the right-hand (of three) lanes. I managed to pull over safely, and worked out what I'd done just before I was about to resort to phoning a friend.