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Fuel fumes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by azz008, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys, i was just wondering if anyone could help me i purchased a suzuki intruder 250cc in may last year and it has had its 1000km service and i have now only just put on 4000km (4000 in total) and the bike stinks of fuel when it is started is it just the way bikes are or is it the fuel mixture?

    any help would be great

    Tanks Aaron
  2. Yep.

    This is a full-stop: .

    This is a capital letter: A

    Hope that helps.
  3. Is it every time you start the bike, or only after you have filled the tank, and it is venting due to expansion, say when the bike is sitting in the sun....
  4. does the smell go away when the bike is warm ?
  5. When starting the bike cold, full choke no throttle....
  6. yeah the smell does go away to an extent when the bike is warm
  7. It could be any number of things. Bikes do get a bit whiffy when you first start them. The fact it is a Suzuki would indicate that it shouldn't be running too rich on the idle settings.

    There could be a little bit of dirt in the bottom of the carbies, making it run slightly rich. Try putting a tank of E10 through it.

    It shouldn't be overly smelly once warmed up, so if the e10 doesn't fix it, complain about it under warranty.
  8. ??? Really? What should that do?
  9. * Chew up every bit of rubber in the fueling system
    * Cause the bike to run like shyte
    * Cause some tree huggin sissy hippy do gooder enviro clown/clownette to have a wet dream..

    A serious answer to the original question....

    * start by looking for leaks from hose joints etc or splits in hoses in the fuel system.
    * carbs overflowing due to sticking float valve or badly adjusted floats ?
  10. Cold starting (especially with carbs) will run rich. They need to be rich to get the fuel to burn.

    Plus the exhaust is short and you sit right next to it.

    When I first start my bike on cold mornings I can actually see fuel vapour coming from the exhaust, but I know that the choke is putting a restriction in the carb before the fuel jet, making it suck extra fuel. Once I can turn the choke off and the bike is warn, it's gone.
  11. Yes really. I've found on carbied bikes that when they are running slightly rough that a tank of e10 can clean them up.

    I'm guessing it clears some of build up petroleum gum.

    And one tank occasionally is perfectly safe.
  12. When i had my 2007 ninja 250 that had carbies, it always stank of fuel when you started it up, due to the cold engine and rich fuel mixture for starting the bike. Especially when starting it in the garage on a cold morning. Its pretty normal for bikes with carburetors. Don't worry about it.