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Fuel Fragrances

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Biggles, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. I've never seen this before, its a bit "only in America".

    Smelly Fuel

    I'd like au de scalded cat thanks.
  2. There's a guy I trail ride with who rides a KX250 two stroke, and he uses strawberry scented two stroke oil, it smells pretty good to be honest.
  3. "Reefer Madness" ??? - Think this was invented by someone was hiding their stash and wondering why everybody behind them was riding at 7k's per hour going "Woooahhh man, slow down...."
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  4. Why the hell would you get that? You want to attract cops? I guess it might seem like a good idea if you were stoned.
  5. I am waiting for the story of the guy who dies from carbon monoxide poisoning...
  6. Coming from a country that makes Bacon Flavoured coke, this somehow doesn't surprise me
  7. :D I had bacon flavoured beer - schlenkerla urbock - a few months ago. It's also called liquid pig or bacon in a glass. VERY interesting flavour & aroma.

    Some info HERE.

    Sorry back to the topic.
  8. thats awesome i think it should be standard in the petrol itself, only been riding a short time but getting those whiff's of fumes when riding sucks
  9. I like the manufacturer's suggestion of using it to mark your fuel so you know who's syphoning your tanks. It'd be most suitable in caravan parks and the like where if someone's stealing your fuel, they're most probably a few vans over.
  10. or tip some 'arse' scented stuff in your mates tank!
  11. Who needs that shit. Stick a trace of castor oil in your tank and your exhaust fumes will be pure olfactory orgasm.

    Mind you, maybe I'm weird but I keep a bottle of glow fuel in the shed and, if I feel in need of a treat I take off the cap and have a really good sniff. Castor, methanol and niromethane. Horsepower by nasal delivery :twisted:.

    I in no way recommend such behaviour. If I rot my brain cells or blind myself that's my problem. If you try it and do the same, that's your problem.
  12. Or you could just label your blackwater tank cap "Fuel" I s'pose :twisted:.
  13. Mate after the curry I had for lunch today, you could probably run a generator on either.
  14. Ah, yes. Glow plug fuel. Don't get it your balls. Don't ask how I know.
  15. Oh this should be good, please share.