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Fuel for ZZ-R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Joff, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Just got my ZZ-R 250. What fuel do you reckon is best for these bikes?

  2. not diesel thats for sure :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. i found on my old ZZR that standard unleaded from a proper petrol station was fine. PULP seemed to make it a bit sluggish.
  4. i just use the fuelline (believe they use mobil and it runs fine. A couple of weeks ago was on a run up through kinglake, and filled up there (shell) the bike was pinging her head, drained it, refille dit at the local servo again, and running fine. IMHO i try to run all my vechiles on the fuel the previous owner was running, as not to upset the vechile, sounds stupid but hey if it's works why change.
  5. Regular. Premium will cause all sorts of problems on standard tuning. Unless it's been tuned for premium, don't use it. Just stick to regular.
  6. works fine in my gpx, found ampol gold best so far. often get another 50ks out of a tank too.
  7. I asked Mick at Performance Bike and Watercraft about having my ZZR250 tuned for Premium. He categorically stated that it can't be specifically tuned for any type of petrol.

    I use PULP in mine all the time, AND I get about 20% more K per tank

    Mobil 8000
    BP Ultimate
    Caltex Vortex


    Not Shell Optimax - the viscosity of Optimax can cause some probs.
  8. I'm with Doonks, always ran my Z on premium,
    keep an eye on your oil and keep your filters clean.... purrs like kwaka kitten..
  9. I run my GSF250 Bandit on premium and I find I get about 20km's more out of a tank. I think i'll just put regular in it this weekend and i'll report back on my "seat of the pants testing :D"

    Is this true? I would have thought that bikes, being high compression and rpm engines, would love premium? Keeps the valve seats better lubricated ect.

    Shoot me down if i'm wrong because i'm no mechanic but its just what i've been told.

  10. i use BP's PULP (95 octane stuff, not the ultimate)

    what range are you guys getting before you hit reserve on your zzr's??
  11. I use BP Ultimate in mine.. Runs great

  12. I get 300 before reserve and that is redlining every gear.. Popping monos.. And making it go as fast as the thing goes out the back of Glorious.

  13. yep... that's what i got told when i bought it and as previously stated, stuck to the advice given

    slightly off topic, i in the VTR I recently switched from BP Ultimate (98) to regular BP PULP (95). On the downside i'm getting about 30km less per tank but the extra power that i'm getting now is unbelievable - it's like riding a new bike again :D
  14. I like your style, lass :D I too use premium in my baby Z, and get 290-300 before reserve, depending how much city stuff I do. Used to get 340 or more before reserve, then Ms 'TheCheeky told me that these bikes *like* to redline :twisted:
  15. Use PULP. It'll cost you about $2 a tank more (roughly) and is worth it. Try a few different ones, and pick the one you like the best. Also try the normal, and middle range (eg. 95 octane) fuels. Ive found Mobil is one of the best for my bike and you can use your card at the pump!! (no removing helmets, gloves etc to go and pay)
  16. Oh how I long for that kinda mileage :) If im lucky i get 200ks before reserve (never run it dry so dont know how long or res tho Ive done 45 before) I seem to get the same mileage regardless how I ride, ifd anything I get a little better when im into it.
  17. 300km? Thats quite a lot! I only get about 220 max and thats riding too and from work.
  18. yup 300k to reserve for me too, but like the ladies said, ya gotta ring it to enjoy it.
  19. Very true. Most bikes prefer premium, but these older 250s do not. If I load my bike up with a tank of premium, I see the following 'benefits':
    1. Won't start, or is very hard to start.
    2. Smells like it's leaking petrol if it does start.
    3. Can stall & runs rough at idle.
    4. No power gain.
    5. Uses the same amount of fuel. No difference, whatsoever.
    6. Costs me more money.

    Use premium if you like. Your bike might be different to mine, but I've tested it on numerous occasions and found the same results. This little GPX isn't designed for premium, and I'm inclined to think that those who believe similiar bikes run better suffering the equivalent of a 'placebo-effect'.

    IMHO. :wink:

    EDIT: forgot to mention, for those using premium: my distance to reserve is 350km. :p
  20. I don't know about the placebo-effect, I just know what my bike does, tank in, tank out.

    I usually use the 300 mark as my refill point. If I have to hit reserve, it's usually not before 320, and I can be safe for 350 out of the tank, unless I've been wringing it's neck of course.

    I ride to and from work everyday on the Monash