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Fuel Filters

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by stigger, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Are motorcycle fuel filters different to car ones??? I've got a fueling issue and I thought cheap first try replace the fuel filter???

  2. It would depend on the bike. Some bikes (such as mine) don't even run a fuel filter.

    Not sure if other bikes are the same. The difference (to my understanding) is that that some carb bikes don't run a fuel pump (un-like cars which always do) but fuel injected bikes do have a fuel pump.

    But to answer your question yes there are specific motorcylcle fuel filters which require less pressure to push the fuel through than car filters. It should be in your manual?
  3. It's one me flungdung which has a vacuum? driven fuel pump??? the one currently fitted looks like a car one
  4. I believe they do, just nowhere near the size?
  5. Unless I knew it was alright on my model, I wouldn't substitute one on a FI bike.

    You may create some PD outside of the chips reference tables.
  6. all car and bike fuel filters are diffrent, same concept just diffrent sizes & shapes. u could use one of those universal ones that are tiny that are usally seen on chinese dirt bikes and lawn mowers. they would be alright if u dont have one and are running shit fuel.

    where have you been getting you fuel? usally if u fill up with 98 at a servo its as clean as a whistle.

    if u dont have a fuel filter i would start with flushing your tank and replace your fuel lines, because you might have cracks which create an air leak

    or depending on what bike you have you could have choke problem, dirty carbie, blocked FI, jeting issues, carbs out of sync, f**ked fuel pump.
    its pretty broad when it comes to fueling issues

    what model/make bike do you have?

    hope this helps
  7. it's a Hyosung 650 with carbs the same as the old SV, it's lumpy as buggery and "breaks down", hesitates under load won't rev past 9000. probably carbs or fuel pump just thought new fuel filter was a cheap simple starting point...
  8. save yourself the time and fustration and take it to a credited tuner to check over the carbs, fueling, jetting etc..
  9. If the problem you have was caused by dirt in the fuel, putting in a filter won't fix it as the dirt is already in the carbs. There is very likely fuel strainer in the bottom of the tank.
    I suggest you drain the carbs and see if that helps, if not, start at the tank and check fuel is flowing freely by removing the hose/s and turning the tap to 'prime', then check the hoses are clear, after that you might have to dismantle the carbs to clean them.
  10. Yeah it sounds like it's time for a carb clean and balance. As it's not a FI bike then a generic filter will be fine.
  11. I don't know about that. Carb bikes rely on gravity for fuel flow (if they don't have a pump), meaning it needs a special bike fuel filter which will work under low pressure. The OP mentions a fuel pump, but i'd be double checking if it actually has one first...
  12. Yep... I meant generic bike ones.
  13. It has a fuel filter and a vacuum driven fuel pump... I won't rev out and misses/hesitates under load from about 6/7000 upwards...

    I think it has an exhaust leak (going by sound alone), but I can't find it so maybe I'm hallucinating. So before I start pulling carbs apart and spending money on new pumps I thought seeing as it's probably the one it was made with I'd change the fuel filter.

    And yes I could just order one from hyo but I'd rather give them as little money as possible...