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Fuel Efficiency on TRX?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jez79, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    That subject might be an oxy-moron but I've gotta ask.

    Very keen on a TRX as my daily ride to work and play on the weekends but a bit scared that it may chew way more petrol than something like a 98 CBR600F. Keen on it because of the torque, price and insurability (oh yeah, and the sound!!!)

    Soooo, does anyone know the fuel consumption stats for a healthy TRX and also if they are going to chew through tyres/brakes etc if ridden hard but not extreme?

    Basically looking for a sporty comfy naked/semi naked between 600 and 850cc. Price $5k - $6K

    Cheers for your help.

  2. Should have mentioned I was talking about Yamaha 850, not the Honda 4 wheeler (derrr)..
  3. Great bike, owned 2 of them for a total of around 6 years, as an all rounder you can't go wrong...

    Mileage depends on how your riding it but I got up to 60MPG cruising about, around 50MPG on the motorway at a 90mph cruise and 36MPG when tooling about trying to keep up with a mate on his various sportsbike contraptions (he is a bit quick!)

    Average it all out you should get 50-55mpg I'd say.

    Tyres, well again depends how you ride. Mine usually lasted ages. Pilot sports lasted anything up to 6000miles for a rear more for the front.

    Brakes. the standard front stoppers are okay, if ridden through crappy weather they tend to start sticking and nail the discs. A lot of people including me, upgraded to R6/1 blue spots (straight swap) and these really improve things for bite and feel.

    For the money you're looking at its TRX, VFR750 maybe an SV650. I'm thinking of trying a VFR but like I say TRX's are great bikes. If you want some more info, try


    should keep you busy for a while!


  4. If you keep your eyes open you can get a VFR 800 for around the $6k and a bit, i paid $7 for mine and the guy spent $1000 on new tyres, brakes etc for the RWC, Leena (Grrrl) paid about $6 for her VFR.