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Fuel Effeciency

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by En, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. i duno if this is correct but i recently was reading the motorbike trader mag (in the market for a CBR600F) and glanced at a hyosung GT650 i think. the v-twin naked one and it had something like 380k's 17ltr. i was wondering if you could get 380 ks outta this kinda bike? or if it is a typo?

    and just on the subject just how many ks can people get outta their bikes?
  2. That doesn't seem outrageous to me. My 19 litre tank is good for well over 300km... It's just that I never get that much because I use too much throttle.

    A sedately ridden 650 twin is surely capable of making 4.5 litres per 100km, which would round out to near 380km.

    Incidentally, I hear the new R1200GS Beemer "Adventure" model is equipped for something ridiculous like 700km... Don't quote me on that though, I just read it somewhere.
  3. The ZX6, which runs stock jetting with a BMC filter and a full Akrapovic Evolution system, gets between 7L/100km in all-out attack mode and 4.5L/100km in highway cruise with my chin on the tank.

    The ZX9, which runs kit needles with a stock filter and exhaust, is lucky to get down to 9L/100km.

    Moral of the story; don't rejet your bikes-it buggers up the fuel economy.
  4. My '05 R6 hits reserve at about 170 k's in traffic doing low speed commuting stuff, and between 200 and 220 if I'm in the hills doing faster stuff.

    Stop-start traffic murders fuel consumption.
  5. My xv250 can pull 270-maybe 290ks on 9.5 L never hit bone dry though, gotta love to rub it in the cagers faces when I fill up. :LOL: thats better than a hybrid electric car me thinks, plus a billion times more fun. it works out to be 2.5-3 L /100kms.