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fuel economy

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by black666, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. what sort of fuel economy do other 50cc riders get? so far im getting a bit over 100km with a full tank (6 liters)... that about right?

  2. I'm getting a bit more (140-ish) since I work in the heart of Adelaide CBD, so your calculation's about right. Per weekly it only cost me $. 4 to fill my Jolie with fuel. The best thing every time I take my scoot to the fuel station the staffs always ask me what exactly I'm riding with such a cheap bill. Extra satisfaction. Even I beat a Honda CBR1000 Fireblade rider with his bill :LOL:
  3. thanks for that. i think ive actually managed to increase it substantially now.... ive stopped cruising at 65-70 and brought it back to 60 and the fuel economy has doubled ! :grin:
  4. Huh? 100/6=16.66666666666 Km/Litre.

    I get 17 Km/Litre on my 992cc Ducati. . . and I only ride on twisty roads in sports mode. If I rode at 60Km/h I'm sure I'd do better, if not double.

    I thought you guys rode Scooters for the economy :?: :!: Obviously not. :roll:
  5. But the CBR rider gets to his destination 2 hours before you and it's only 30 minutes away. :wink:
  6. Yeah, I get around 17km/L, too, out of an old carb'd 1100 that's running rich!
  7. Bolwell Arriba 125cc 4 stroke, 2.5 litres 100km's at between 60 and 80kmh. :p
  8. That's better, 40Km/L. I would expect a bit better on a 50cc at 60Km/h tops though. But what the heck, at a few dollars a week for fuel, it doesn't justify spending money to make it better, assuming that the bike needs a service or rebuild.

    50cc bikes do need rings and pistons and such to keep them running most efficiently over the long term, but they should run forever anyway. Well, nearly forever, unless you use them as a dirt bike, like I did to an old Honda step-through many years ago. :grin:
  9. yeah well it certainly did seem allot! hell my car is not far of 6L! and thats got twin webbers :LOL:

    so far ive done almost 100km and i havnt even got through 1/4 of the tank so i guess riding with the throttle flat must be the culprit... makes sense really :oops: :roll:
  10. Hah...that still doesn't mean I'm doing bad on my Jolie though maybe we should take this on a race track & you're on a Jolie... :LOL: although I gotta admit that I'm a bit envious with how much power that guy got on his Fireblade bleh :evil: anyway I already planned to get my learner soon & I'm gonna keep my Jolie & buy that Cagiva Mito 125 @ the same time :p
  11. I get about 150kms from 5 litres, being 30kms/litre from my Red Devil.
  12. The supposed huge fuel saving on scooters is very often a big myth. Sure some scoots are great, but the majority are not all that fuel efficient. Remember when calculating the cost of fuel consumption, you really also need to be taking into account the cost of the oil in scoots as most 50cc's are 2-stroke.

    My Suzuki dl650 gets something in the region of 22km per litre and thats a 650cc engine. Its also not a small bike at all. To me thats a hell of a lot better than a 50cc scoot that is only getting 30 or 35km/L.
  13. fuel injection would make a massive difference. i cant imagine the carbs these things run are very sophisticated
  14. absolutely, and i'm not trying to detract from scoots - i am one of the biggest fans of scoots. It's just interesting when you actually start looking into something like fuel economy, given that is one of the main reasons people get into scoots in the first place.
  15. Nice 2 hear