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Fuel Economy?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fret, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. I've put about 500kms on my new Yamaha Cygnus 125 and I've been getting about 4l/100km, which I think is a bit on the high side for 125cc, or is it?

    Does it get better after the 1000km service?
  2. not sure about yours but my 2stroke 50cc shark got about 20-23 klm/litre for the first thousand k's then it went up t 28-30klm/litre after i put an exhaust on. and it stayed around the 25-28 klm/litre there after.
    the owners manuals and sales brouchures are alway a bit ambitious with there readings.
    one thing i did work out was that i did actually save money buy running it on premium unleaded. would get more k's than what the price difference was in fuel. it wasnt much of a saving but it was a saving.
  3. Hmmm 25km per litre is around the mark. It can improve. I reckon my Arriba 125 was just in a sweet zone from 6000 km (but I just sold it with 8000 on the clock).

    I found that the improving fuel economy as the engine bedded down was more than compensated for by the application of increased rotational force on the right hand grip ;)
  4. My Sportcity definately got better fuel economy as time went on.
  5. Ok cool. I'll keep an eye on it.

    I'm hoping to get about 3l/100km. Yamaha don't publish any information on what the bike should be getting so I didn't know what to expect long term.

    Do scoots use EFI or carbs?
  6. Yes!

    Depends on the model. If it's not advertised as a big selling point, assume carb.
  7. Hehehe... I looked up my scoot and it's ignition is "Electronic CDI" :)
  8. I get 3L/100km on both my TGB Akros Tec 50cc and the Peugeot Blaster.

    ride style.... full throttle.
  9. I do have a Cygnus X (so I probably have EFI)

    Also I'm up to 700kms now and the average has dropped down to 3.5lt/100km. But that could just be more at speed riding that I've been doing recently.
  10. My Aprilia Sportcity would get anything from 3l/100km to 5l/100/km depending on fuel, riding style, conditions, amount of sunshine and fortune cookies.

    My GT250, even with 9000km on it still varies quite a bit in fuel consumption from tank to tank. To be honest i have never really paid enough attention to it to figure out if its related to type of fuel/brand or just riding style or something else. But then again, i dont really care too much about fuel consumption cause i ride for teh enjoyment of it rather than the fuel savings. Obviously if i was suddenly using Commodore type amounts of fuel then i wouldnt be so laid back about it :)
  11. [quote="Duffman]
    My Aprilia Sportcity would get anything from 3l/100km to 5l/100/km depending on fuel, riding style, conditions, amount of sunshine and fortune cookies.[/quote]

    Agree with the 3k/100km for the Sportcity 200 especially when ridden quietly.

    The SR50 at full bottle was consistently 2km/100 when new, must check it again as it is a bit more worn in now.

  12. I seem to get roughly 5l /100km on my 500cc Yamaha T-Max. If I ride like a psycho it jumps to 6l, so I try to be a bit nicer about it. If only the fuel tank was a little larger :(
  13. God, I think the economy isnt that great compared to other 250cc bikes.

    Just to make you guys feel better, if im on 1/4 tank in my car and I give it 3 solid hits (2nd and 3rd gear flat out) the low level light will come on.
  14. Had my 2005 Bolwell Arriba 125cc 4 stroke for 1 year now. Done 3600km,s and I get 200km's from 4 litres of fuel every time I top up. This is only outer suburban riding in Sydney, with speeds usually between 60-80kmh. I weigh 83kg as well.
  15. I've done almost 2500km on my Vespa LX125. I have calculated the last 3 fills and works out at 26.5km/litre or 3.77litres/100km. Most of my riding is around town not over 60kph but oddly enough my last trip was 80km on highway travelling between 70-90kph with throttle open full all the way. Worked out at 26.7km/l. Not concerned about the economy really. More than 4 times cheaper than my car and more than 10 times more fun.
  16. Chuck a container with an extra 6 Litre in the forward bay of my YP400, and with a full tank, there's enough to go 375km to 390km.

    Easier on the throttle and that'll be over 400km.

  17. With 2000k's on my Honda NES125, I'm averaging about 3.5L/100km.

    Most of my riding is around town, 60k speed limits. Usually a short run up to 90k's on each trip as well. Lots of full throttle starts from traffic lights as well, so I'm pretty happy with the mileage.

  18. Looks like Im the winner so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin: :grin:
  19. You people are anal when you get that kind off economy who cares if it cost 50c more to fill the tank ! do you all go looking for cheap petrol !