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Fuel economy

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Androo, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. I'm interested in what kind of fuel economy people get from their bikes under different riding style...

    I get almost exactly 5 l/100km (19.2 km/l) on my yzf600 (and the same with the zzr250), no matter how hard/gentle i ride
  2. I get about 25km/L from the Spada with suburban riding. I need to work out highway results sometime (by actually doing some)

    Update 10/11/04 - Rode to Portsea last night (wanted to watch the sunset from Sorrento back beach) and filled up on the way back. Lots of highway riding pushed my fuel economy to 26.7km/L!
  3. '96 yzf750r :
    usually 6l/100 k's (16.7km/l) city riding.
    About the same through the twisties.

    Freeway riding - ~4L/100 k's (25km/l) if I sit at a constant 100-110.
  4. i never really knew what my tank held so couldn't work it out :?

    bandit 250 got 230ks to a tank (15L I think)
    YZF600 cat got around 270ks to a tank (17L i think)

    my GFs GPX gets 350ks+ to a tank. she's never switched to reserve but has gone over 350ks :shock:
  5. 10 lt tank + 2lts reserve

    city on 10 lites about 200 kphs
    country a liitle more probably 230
  6. mine??? with the Kwaka ZX750
    24km/litre normal..round town and country (450km to reserve-22 lt tank)
    at the track (PI) ....using 12000rpm mostly..about 10km/litre :shock:
  7. Fuel Economy, what's that???

  8. Dito. If it's running, then it's using bucket loads! :?

  9. Ham fisting it around the city I get about ~12km/litre, freeway or country riding I get ~16km/litre. Those figures are about 5 months old so should probably check them again now that the bike has been broken in and I'm a bit smoother.
  10. Fuel economy? I've heard of that strange creature but with a VFR it's rarely seen.

    Now, to reopen an old fuel arguement. I've been using Caltex Premium (Gold?) for over a year now and found that I'm filling up around the 250-260 mark and have stuff all left in the tank.

    I've just switched to Optimax (on my second tank) and have over 270 with 2-3 bars left on the fuel guage. Guessing here I should get 300-315 before reserve starts flashing. The range has jumped noticably and I'll stick with it for a while to see how it goes. I'm due a service so will do plugs, filters and oil and see if that also helps.

    For the record I run an aftermarket can and K&N filter which leans things out a bit. This was proven on the dyno so a denser fuel may help richen things up. The bike has FI so no jetting required.

  11. You lucky bastard Jake! :LOL: I only dream of figures like that. If I could get over 200 out of a tank I'd be happy. :(

  12. I get about just over 20km/lt
  13. Stew, I was getting 270 on a regulas basis, but for the last month or so it has become very thirsty. I have not done an acurate check since I had a service last week. A track day a P.I. was not a good spot, was something like 8km/l.
  14. I get just under 400kms which works out around 19 kms/litre on the 21 litre VFR tank. I know it's a 21 litre tank because I always like to run it right down as close to empty as possible :)

    This also means I run out of juice about half a dozen times every year :D

    Was getting around 30 kms / litre on the scooter in the two weeks I had it, ran out of petrol on that too :)
  15. The Spada gives me about 22-23km/l country riding. 8)
  16. I usually hit reserve (14L) at about the 330km mark. That works out to 23.5L/km or 4.25L/100km :)
  17. I usually get about 235klms (around town) on 14 litres = 16.78 klm per litre or 5.95 ltrs per 100klms.

    Not bad for a fireblade..
  18. Fuel economy hmm heard of it, kind of understand the concept a bit,
    So VTR Firestorm 1000cc two 48mm carbs equates to.....I buy plenty of fuel so that's gotta be good for the economy...nuff said :p

    PS 12 ltrs moves me 180ks (takin'n it easy ay!) :wink:
  19. 16lt and 2lt reserve = 260ks no matter what most of the time

  20. my friend gets that in his lancer :p