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Fuel Economy WTF!!??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by JFitzy, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Me and a mate both just picked up new FZ1's. He got the S and i got the N, and we are loving them, but OMG what the hell is with the fuel economy???

    Both of us are getting 180kms out of a tank, and we are just riding them "casually" not going mental out on the roads.

    Any comments or experience with these bikes? am i going to expect 180 from now on? cause if so i think i'll have to start looking for a replacement - cause that's totally shit - which is a shame, as the bike is fantastic!!!
  2. Sadly that's not out of the ballpark for performance nakeds. The Hornet9 would average about 220 from a 19 litre tank. Look at the Superduke, if you get a boot up that bike's bum you'll be looking for petrol in as little as 120km. You'll probably get better mileage than that on the freeway, but the simple fact is that big tanks are unfashionable.
  3. yeh wot he said. i was horrified on my first fill.
  4. The 16 liters of the VTR disappears in about 130 when I'm REAAAALY getting up it.
  5. So, what's the tank size? What is the actual fuel consumption?

    Not sure about bikes, but i think some cars run a little more rich on run in, so they consume a little more fuel in the first 1000-2000kms or so.
  6. Fuel

    well it's an 18 ltr tank. and im getting about 180kms...
  7. Fitzy, you need a 9 bro. :) ;) :p

    The 2002 9R has an 18ltr tank, 4 of which are reserve.

    Worst fuel economy was 200km to reserve. Best so far has been 280km to reserve.

    Nakeds do use more fuel because of wind resistance/stream lining issues...
  8. Re: Fuel

    Well that works out to 10L/100km...which is the equivelent of a bloddy camry/aurion or similar.

    Obvisously your not running your tank dry just to reserve so there more left in it so those economy figures would probably go down.

    Reserve is 3.4 litres on a FZ1 (just from a quick google search) whic means your real economy is: 8.1L/100km so thoretically you could get 221kms from a tank including all of reserve. It works out at 12.3km/L

    Thats if my maths is right.

    It'll probably get slightly better with more kms on the engine as its finishing breaking in. But like veryone has said, its expected from a naked sports motorcyle that there not going to have very good economy.
  9. Loki, how does fuel economy vary if you factor in the reserve??? :?
  10. Because i worked out the economy from a tank of 18 litres (first) when he really has used only 14.6 (or there abouts as reserve kicks in at this stage) to get to 180kms instead of the whole 18litres. Thus changing the fuel economy figures. Its the just the way i worked it out to show that he can still get more out of it. Just ignore the 10L/100km if it confuses you.

    Just hoping i havn't made a complete fool of myself by trying to explain what i did. :grin:

    BTW: a quick google search shows 29MPG as the normal fuel economy which translates to 8.11084774 L/100km which is what he is getting so its fine. Theres nothing wrong with his bike.
  11. yeah wait for the motor to be run, i bought my sv new, when i first had it it use dto get about 160 from 14ltrs, slowly over time it's improved and just about to tick over 36k and it gets closer to 200 from 14ltrs, and i reckon i ride it hard now then when it was brand new..... give the motor some time to loose up some :wink:
  12. er Loki, I think you may have overcomplicated things a touch - but you might be right...

    Still I'm guessing though that Fitzy knows how many litres he is pouring into the tank (per the petrol bowser) and how many kilometres are showing on the trip meter for that number of litres... so the litres/kilometre thing is pretty easy to work out... :-k

    IMO 10km to the litre is shite - but apparently normal for a big naked...

    One fall on a faired bike though pays for a lllllot of extra petrol for a naked bike... so it's swings and roundabouts.
  13. Get youself an MV. It goes for ages on 22l.
  14. Reserve

    upon reflection im NOT using a full tank - obviously. i dont want to push the bike to the servo LOL.
    One of the things with the ZF1 is the lack of reserve ... Basically it has a fuel gauge, then km's to empty - like a car.
    So it's kinda hard to get a good estimate of when it's properly empty, without running out completely.
    I'll just bide my time and see i guess.
  15. :shock: That's a long time between smokes/latte's... :shock:
  16. haha, seconded. my '99 9R gets at worst 200km as well, and I've peaked 300km to a tank - once. and that's with it jetted and a full system!
  17. Hmm

    pete from Pakenham Yamaha suggested that 280 was typical for him (he has the same bike) so maybe i just need to let it all settle and wait a few more weeks...
  18. Dayummm.

    Can most be 'ridden gently' to get better efficiency? (A friend's SV1000 gets 5L/100km if he's gentle.. and about 30,000L/100km if he's harsh!) Or are things like the Tiger 1050 'n SV1000 anomalies for fuel efficiency when it comes to lawl-hooj naked/seminaked bikes?
  19. you can (done it once and never again) back from sale via highway (long weekend so had to do the limit) made 260km on 14ltr (when reserve kicked in :shock: ......was a very boring ride, and for the sake $4 and 60kms, give me twisty, and a handful of throttle any day :wink: