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fuel economy seems very bad. 100km/10litre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by agelow, May 22, 2011.

  1. hi guys,

    got my back from the service. smooth as to ride now.

    just concerned tho.. i thought my fuel economy would increase after the service. but i notice im getting about 100kms per 10 litres.

    Websites say I should be getting heaps more on the Suzuki Across.

    Any idea what could be wrong? I dont rev it that hard either..

  2. What were you getting before the service? If you think the service affected it you should bring it back and question them to see what they actually did to your bike.
  3. You should be getting double that!

    Is the choke on?
  4. Are you riding with the choke permanently on or into constant 100 kmh headwinds or anything?
  5. Can you smell fuel ??? When it's not running.
  6. Assuming you are not towing a caravan and don't have a fuel leak somewhere, I would suggest either there is something wrong with the bike or you are doing something very wrong.

    Take it back and get them to check.
  7. my 250 way back when used to get 10L/100 and there was nothing wrong with the bike.... just the rider ;)

    maybe carbies need an overhaul
  8. my across did about 6.5-7ishL/100km.. but that was with fairly sedate riding when I first started learning.

    ...so maybe if you're caning it a bit, 10L is normal :S ?
  9. as said above take the bike back and tell them to check it out. You should be getting over 300k ish IMO . good luck .
  10. ditto; take it back, and get a report on what work was done last time into the bargain; no bike should come back from a service WORSE than when it went in :evil:
  11. My Across got about 120km to a tank which I thought was pretty normal. It was running a bit rich though.
  12. cheers for comments fellas.

    naw actually i was still getting 10l/100km before i got it serviced.

    -choke is not on
    -not going 100km headwinds lol
    -maybe im revving too hard? but still..

    i thoguht having it serviced would have made it better..

    cant smell any petrol.

    anything else i can check?
  13. The plugs. They should be burning a brownish colour.
    Black means a bit rich.
    Black and moist means very rich and more than likely a weak spark.
  14. hmm dont have the tools or knowledge to check spark plugs.

    they have been just replaced 1 week ago.
  15. I have a Hornet 250 (similar sort of engine, 250cc inline 4) and I get under 4L/100km... Usually 3.5ish. Sounds like your bike is ****ed, take it back
  16. I get about 6.5 l / 100 km, on a 200hp 1400. If you're getting 50% higher consumption than that on a 250 - something isn't right.
  17. About 5.5~6.0l/100km for my D675. Mate, get the bike in and get her checked. I averaged just under 4.0l/100km for the GS500F when I had one.
  18. Thanks for replies,

    Is the onus on my mechanic to have it properly fixed after I had just had a MAJOR service on it?

    Or is it something that could easily be over looked by a mechanic.

    Just trying to see what should have been done.
  19. I've managed to get 250s down to that sort of mileage but they were two-strokes thrashed to within an inch of their lives, not relatively mild four-strokes. Get it looked at.
  20. Thrashed two strokes will eat as much fuel as you can throw at them :LOL:

    I have no idea what an Across should get but that sounds way off. If your plugs were just changed even better as they will only show what is happening since they were put in.

    Changing/inspecting plugs is about as simple as it gets. If you can make it to a Sat morning practice session and give me notice I can bring a plug spanner and we can look/show you how. Oops hang on I have no idea whow much fairing (if any) you need to remove to get to them. (God the Bimmer is simple.) Also get yourself along to the next spanner day someone runs to learn some basic maintenance.

    But meanwhile take it back to where it was serviced. The longer you leave it the more likely they are to say it is nothing to do with them. Although your problem her is that if you have no mechanical knowledge they can tell you anything and you won't be able to challenge it.